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February 8, 2011Katie

I’m a bit late in checking these but it’s always interesting (and surprising) to me to see what posts got the most reads last year.  Strange, that while these are all things I like, it’s not what I would have thought people would be flocking to my post to read..I mean these are in the thousands of reads. 

I mean c’mon…Egg Salad over Molten Lava Cakes?  What is the world coming to!?

Here is my list for 2010.  Click on any picture to go to the post!

#1 Bourbon Chicken Like at the Mall

Who knew so many people love to eat at the mall?

#2  Simple Lemon Cream Sauce

If I knew people liked simple, I would made more 4 ingredient recipes!  Woulda made MY life simpler as well!

#3  How to Make Shrimp Stock With Leftover Shells

I am strangely disturbed that my early bad pictures are in these posts.  I feel a recipe redo coming on.

#4  How to Roast Butternut Squash

My life has become so wonderful since I learned how to roast this golden wonder.

#5 My Mom’s Simple Egg Salad and How to Perfectly Hard Boil an Egg

Again..simple..simple techniques that changed my life.

#6  Simple Roasted Vegetable Medley

Lord have mercy..these horrible pictures…

#7  Mama Veca’s Peruvian Mexican Cuisine

I still dream about that rice…and Oklahoma City must be Googling “Peruvian cuisine” because the next post is another new Peruvian restaurant as well…

#8  OKC Food Writer Lunch at Inca Trail

That rotisserie chicken has ruined me for all others.

#9 To Kill a Mockingbird – Portrait of Atticus Finch

I did a little diddy and recap of my son who had the lead role in To Kill A Mockingbird…I bet people who are Googling are looking for Cliff Notes.

I remember High School all too well.

#10  Gingersnap Cookies with Creamy Pumpkin Dip

Granted, this recipe of Gingersnap homemade cookies is good, but the dip has been around for years.

It’s funny, after you’ve worked on so many recipes and post, to look back and see just what people are reading…


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