• Teriyaki Sheet Pan SUpper

    Teriyaki Salmon Sheet Pan Supper

    May 2, 2024DishinandDishes

    This recipe for my Teriyaki Salmon Sheet Pan Supper is so good, you won’t even think about how healthy it is.     And it’s so pretty too. And SOOOO easy! It’s gardening season again and the spring garden is thriving. We have mixed beets that are the most beautiful shades of green, red and yellow and are so bright and vibrant from all the rain. And spring onions whose bulbs are multiplying in circumference by the day. I love the little gem lettuce growing here with French breakfast radishes. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of having a little gem salad, not much else is needed but a really nice vinaigrette. The lettuce is just crunchy and so good. We’re trying potatoes in grow…

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  • Brunch at Frida Southwest

    February 12, 2024DishinandDishes

    Hands down, my favorite place to eat right now is Frida Southwest, including their weekend brunch. The inside of Frida’s is bright, airy, and buzzes with the sound of friends and family chatting and dining. There is a sizeable bar…

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  • Managing Diabetes and Obesity: Healthy Eating Tips, Medication, Exercise, and More

    November 15, 2023DishinandDishes

    More than a way to fuel our bodies, eating is a satisfying experience, especially when trying various foods and cuisines. However, health experts are concerned with Oklahomans’ increasingly unhealthy eating behaviors, such as drinking sugary beverages and eating less than the…

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  • Pickled Banana Peppers

    August 21, 2023DishinandDishes

    I can make the Pickled Banana Pepper  recipe with my eyes closed and no directions anymore. Have you ever planted banana peppers before? If you are starting out in gardening and want a SUPER great producer, plant these babies. There…

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  • Growing Cold Weather vs Warm Weather Crops

    March 1, 2023DishinandDishes

    Image by lembrik on Freepik Our First Garden Story The first year we gardened, we really flew-by-the-seat-of-our-pants and had no idea there was a difference between growing cold-weather vs warm-weather plants.   We just got all excited and giddy. We…

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  • Cheever’s Cafe Brunch

    February 24, 2023DishinandDishes

    My Absolute Favorite Brunch Place This week I met a dear friend at Cheever’s Cafe for brunch on Saturday. This is Ana. This picture of Ana is not at Cheever’s Cafe. This is a picture of Ana at Harvey’s Bakery…

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  • My Favorite Gardening Seeds

    February 8, 2023DishinandDishes

    Katie from the food and gardening blog Dishin & Dishes shares her favorite seeds to plant in her garden and where she gets them.

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  • Homemade Taco Seasoning

    February 7, 2023DishinandDishes

    I can’t tell you how many packets of taco seasoning I’ve bought over the years before it finally dawned on my I could make my OWN homemade taco seasoning! I was today years old when I finally tried it! Why…

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