• Frida's Southwest Oklahoma City

    Brunch at Frida Southwest

    February 12, 2024DishinandDishes

    Hands down, my favorite place to eat right now is Frida Southwest, including their weekend brunch. The inside of Frida’s is bright, airy, and buzzes with the sound of friends and family chatting and dining. There is a sizeable bar with folks gathered around. And totally unrelated to food, the bathrooms are sky blue for boys and baby pink for girls. I check out their Instagram weekly, and when they introduce their new (monthly) menu items, I always send them to my daughter Tori, along with something like this in all caps… WE NEED TO GO TRY THESE! Mr. Wonderful and I tried their brunch for the first time months ago and sat on their lovely patio. And my kids took me for Mother’s Day…

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