• How to Grow Radishes

    May 14, 2019DishinandDishes

    How to easily grow radishes in the garden

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  • Garden 2019 Update

    February 19, 2019DishinandDishes

    It’s been awhile since I did a garden update. Because …well it’s been winter. After the holiday excitement passes by, it helps that I start getting seed catalogs.  This stirs the inner spirit animal in me that is always missing my garden during the bare cold months of winter. I have tomato and pepper seeds…

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  • French Creamy Mustard Chicken

    May 9, 2018DishinandDishes

    Hey friends! Wow! Spring has kicked in around here and we’ve done what we usually do, migrate outside at every possible chance and putter in the garden, greenhouse. Somehow I’ve still managed to cook, and even made this French Creamy Mustard Chicken recipe in between but let me show you what’s been up around the…

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  • DIY Garden Markers That Last

    April 9, 2018DishinandDishes

    How to make DIY inexpensive plant markers that last!

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  • How to Self Pollinate Squash Blossoms

    August 8, 2016DishinandDishes

      Have you ever planted zucchini and had scads of blooms but don’t seem to be getting any zucchini? I do all the time here in Oklahoma. Especially in the hot days of summer when the humidity keeps the pollen moist and it won’t drop like it it supposed to. Never fear! You can do…

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  • Potato Towers Harvest #3

    June 30, 2016DishinandDishes

    Part #3 of our potato tower tutorial – Harvesting the potatoes!

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  • How to Plant Potatoes in Towers #2

    May 5, 2016DishinandDishes

    An update on the potatoes we are growing in towers!

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  • Growing Lettuce

    April 8, 2016DishinandDishes

    Even the basic gardener can grow lettuce! Try these instructions to learn how to grow your own lettuce, even in small areas!

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  • How to Build a Winter Squash Arch

    April 6, 2016DishinandDishes

    How to build an arch support for winter squash and sugar pumpkins when space is limited.

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  • Gutter Strawberries

    March 29, 2016DishinandDishes

      Some friends were throwing out an old gutter recently and Mr. Wonderful brought it home and made us the coolest strawberry planter. First, he screwed it onto our stockade fence securely. Next, he just bent the open end shut and filled it with good soil. The hope here is that we can trail the…

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  • Growing Potatoes in Towers #1

    February 29, 2016DishinandDishes

    Learn how to grow potatoes vertically in a tower or cage

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  • It’s Gardening Time Ya’ll

    February 24, 2016DishinandDishes

    It’s February here in Oklahoma and it has been gloriously spring-like. And even though it’s February… It’s Gardening Time Ya’ll! One thing I never learned in my early years is to take advantage of all the nice days that occur here on and off through the winter months to prepare for next year’s garden. One…

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