• Cal’s Chicago Style Eatery

    January 12, 2015DishinandDishes

    Read about a new place to the Oklahoma City dining zone – Cal’s Chicago Style Eatery located in NW Oklahoma City and featuring Chicago style cuisine like the notorious Chicago hot dog and meatball subs.

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  • Bunny’s Onion Burgers

    August 9, 2012DishinandDishes

    One of my earliest memories of moving to Oklahoma was my first visit to Bunny’s Onion Burgers. I remember the buzz in the car on the way there of everyone talking about just how fabulous their onion burgers were. “Onion burger” was a lovely sound to my foodie ears, and while I wasn’t quite sure…

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  • S & B Burger Joint

    November 18, 2011DishinandDishes

    S & B Burger Joint 5929 N. May Ave Ste 106 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 405.843.8777 Okay, so I’ve been hearing about S & B Burger Joint for months. S for Shannon, B for Brian…and the burgers…just the burgers. Well, mostly about the burgers…but I needed to find out just what the hype was all…

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  • Tucker’s Onion Burgers

    September 10, 2011DishinandDishes

    Tuckers Onion Burgers is now open! I love soft openings of restaurants. I like to go try them out and see what they’re all about before they open. And what’s even better? When it’s great and you can spread the word. Tucker’s is located at the corner of 23rd and Hudson (kitty corner to Cheever’s).…

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