• The Cork and Tulsa TV Guesting

    February 5, 2013DishinandDishes

    I spent Monday and Tuesday in Tulsa on two TV segments on two morning news casts. Monday morning I was on Fox 23 Daybreak show. (See video below). I also spent some time with my daughter Kayla who goes to school in Tulsa.  We ate sushi and drank chai tea lattes.  We slept in some…

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  • Blue Moon Bakery & Cafe -Tulsa Tasting

    April 12, 2012DishinandDishes

    Blue Moon Bakery & Cafe 3512 S. Peoria Ave. Tulsa, OK 74105 (918) 749-7800 website Map When I asked co-owner Alan Fusco what his dream was when opening Blue Moon Bakery and Cafe on Peoria Street in Tulsa, he paused for a moment, unsure of his answer.  Then he got called away to the kitchen…

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  • Queenie’s (Plus) Cafe & Bakery- Tulsa Tasting

    March 29, 2012DishinandDishes

    Queenie’s Cafe & Bakery 1834 Utica Square Tulsa, OK 74114 918-749-3481 website map Mr. Wonderful and I just came off a crazy weekend of visiting Tulsa restaurants.  We ate at so many wonderful restaurants and met SO many wonderful people.  I came back with hundreds of pictures and tastes left in my memory.  Where to…

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