An Oklahoma food blogger

Hi there! I’m Katie Johnstonbaugh, an Oklahoma food blogger, wife of Mr. Wonderful, mom to 6 beautiful kids. We’re the official Brady Bunch with three boys and three girls and SIX adorable g-babies! I started Dishin & Dishes years ago as a way to put our family recipes online for my daughters who left for college, and well, look what happened!


As the years have progressed, my cooking has become more focused on healthy dishes, although every so often we like to indulge. We’ve also branched out into cooking all sorts of cuisine, including Thai, Korean, Peruvian and others.


As often is the case, we want our food to be fresh and organic, so we started gardening and that led to another section of the blog including Garden and Chicken Diaries…yes we have chickens too!

I live in Oklahoma, where yes, the wind does sweep down the plains a lot, the summers are hot, but the people are lovely.

We also have a widely diverse set of ethnic restaurants which is a blessing for foodies here. We plan on trying every one! Let me know if you visit and I can give you recommendations!

Dining & Eateries

My husband and I love to support local eateries and we decided we wanted to share these places with friends, so as luck would have it, someone from our local news station started reading here and asked me to do a weekly food segment, which I’ve been doing since 2010! Recently I started just doing the 2nd Wednesday of each month so I hope you’ll join me on KFOR/Freedom43 TV Wednesdays at 7:15 am live or you can watch me online here.


I’ve published a book called The Food Lover’s Guide to Oklahoma which you can buy here.

I’m glad you found my little site and I hope you enjoy my recipes around your table with loved ones and family.

Because. Taste. Matters.