The Story of My Life

April 28, 2011Katie

No, this is not the long-winded and boring story of my entire life.

This is but one short example of the mess I can typically get myself into.

On our trip to Arizona, we went on a couple hikes/walks through this awesome park that my bro and sis-in-law live near.

It was a gorgeous park..these pictures are pics my bro-in-law Bobby took – somehow mine all ended up on Wendy’s hard drive (who lives in Az) and I didn’t get them copied back to my flash.  As you keep reading, you’ll realize, this is another one of those “stories of my life” experiences, along with the fact that I left my camera battery and charger and…mine was the only suitcase that got demolished by the airlines.


Anyway, we were walking through this really cool park.  There were some pretty neat things at this park -like a kiddie water park, baseball fields, and an awesome playground.

Yes, that would be Pat sitting in the mini “stone henge” on the playground.  Yes Pat just turned 50.  Yes Pat is still a kid.  Case in point…

Oh wait…other case in point.

There’s quite a bit of that in the family…umm Mr. W…what ya doin?

Anyway back to this..the cool kitchen area of the park.


It was a large round structure just for…cooking.

Each vent-a-hood housed a stone prep counter, grill and cooking table behind and in front of it.

You could reserve one of these and an area of picnic tables as well, for your cookout in the park.  I seriously want to send a picture of this to Mayor Cornett in Oklahoma City…we NEED sir!

But back to my story.  I saw these cacti that were really pretty.

I thought, “wouldn’t that be a cool Arizona pic for us to be in front of a pretty cactus?” and called Bobby over to take a pic of Mr. W and I. See those little “bud” looking things above with the little pimples on them?  Well, apparently you don’t get too close or even brush against them.  We had lined up for a picture…

When Mr. W hollered…”Oh my gosh! You just touched the cactus thorns”.

Yes, yes I had…and the next 10 minutes was spent with him trying to carefully pick out these hair-like “thorns” from the back of my arm.


Typical Katie and the story of my life.  Also, apparently there are “jumping cacti” that you don’t get anywhere near as the thorns will leap out at you?  HUH?

I am never getting near a pretty cactus again.


  • Beth

    April 28, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    Great pictures though! Hope your arm is okay! And that cooking shelter is way cooler than anything in Tulsa!
  • Emily

    April 28, 2011 at 8:01 pm

    Ha! Great story! When we were little we went on a family vacation to Phoenix. The first morning we were having breakfast and my brother touched the little cactus on the center of the table. Turns out it was one of the ones with jumping thorns! Made for a pretty lousy start to our vacation but it's something we all laugh about now!
  • Diane Rath

    April 29, 2011 at 7:35 am

    Love the pics and the story Katie! It looks just gorgeous out there!!! I never thought of that as a place I'd like to visit but now I'm changing my mind . . .

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