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September 6, 2012Katie

After dining at Fung’s, I knew I had to try Chow’s Chinese as well.

I’d heard tales of how fresh the fish was and I knew I needed to head over and try it, so when a group of Oklahoma City’s food folks met for lunch one day, I made it a point to go with them. I love dining with those who aren’t afraid to dive in and try the genuine cuisine of a place including ordering off the authentic Chinese menu. Rumors of a chef change at Chow’s were about, and we were all eager to see how the menu items tasted.

Of notable mention when dining at Chow’s, there will be a page of the menu you’ll recognize and then there will be a page written and translated in Chinese and American.  Opt for that one. Trust me.

Another thing to pay attention to is that the menu is quite expansive and you’re going to read some things that may make you a little uncomfortable. Remember, there is a culture involved, (mostly Hong Kong style Chinese) and what may seem unfamiliar to you is probably something they love so maybe you should get a little uncomfortable, because isn’t that how we learn new things?

However, there are plenty of other fine  items to choose from, so do not be scared away.

Secondly, don’t be surprised to see people bringing in wine or beer as Chow’s has a BYO policy.

Everyone ordered something different and Chow’s has two or three of the giant lazy Susan tables so we could all share.

First up was an order of Garlic Green Beans.

The whole plump garlic cloves on these were not for the faint of heart and Stephanie Bice tweeted hours later that she still tasted garlic. I happen to love garlic so I enjoyed this dish. Mr. W on the other hand may not have later in the evening.

Our server literally kept the dishes flying and next up, I believe was this dish…

Twice Cooked Pork Belly.

Now before you gross out…most foodies know the word “pork belly” to be something of a wonder.  And is you’ve eaten bacon, chances are, you’ve already been corrupted.  For pork belly, at its simplest definition, is the cut of a pig, yes, from the belly of a pig. At Chow’s it’s been twice-cooked and it virtually melts in your be not afraid friends.  It’s GOOD!

Now this picture is gonna look a little odd…but I ordered this… this is the Walnut Shrimp.

Take shrimp and toss it in a light batter made with white rice flour, sugar and whipped egg whites (I will make this soon),   stir in some whole walnuts, flash fry it, and nestle it a top a bed of crispy fried rice noodles with some delicious sauce made of mayo, honey and perhaps some sweetened condensed milk?  I’m completely guessing here, but whatever this dish is made of…I adore it. I am hopelessly in love with it and will order it over and over.

The lazy susan spins again…what dish comes up this time?

So, obviously, some explanation is in order here.

(Embarrassing pause).

I think what I would angle for (I honestly don’t know) is that the dish was placed to my immediate left, and by the time the lazy susan had completed her round, and I was able to photograph them, people had just got SMART.

These were  Peking Spare Ribs, and I have to tell you..were amazing…as noted by the empty plate (greedy foodies!)

Rarely a fried food lover, this was fried food at it’s most delicious and Steph made the comment as I was taking the picture…”HERE, spoon the sauce on that last little lonely rib for the picture” or SOMETHING, because it was so doggone GOOD.

So this pretty much stopped discussion at the table next…

Oysters ya’ll.

Not just any oysters, but oysters bigger than my closed fist. Look at the fork…look at the oysters.

We had to physically peel these babies out of the shell with our fork and cut them with a knife because, well, they were just too doggone colossal to eat in one bite.  These were topped with, I believe, the same ginger and scallions as the fish we ordered, They were delicious.

This is totally anticlimactic, but I believe the rice we were served was brown, nutty and completely forgotten amidst the arrival of…

The whole Steamed Fish with Ginger Scallion.  Flown in from Boston…

Our server gently peeled away the head and the tail along with the bones and left us with a delicately steamed fish in lovely brown sauce topped with ethereal slivers of ginger and scallion.

This was what I’d been waiting for and what I’ll probably return to Chow’s for time and time again. You just don’t get this anywhere else.

This shot is of the Green Chile Steak…yes that is slivered steak and YES, that is full blown wedges of jalepeno peppers but oddly enough, they weren’t scalding hot (I believe the ribs and seeds were removed)… and I ate them and enjoyed them in that lovely sauce.


However, I did save my favorite for last…and I don’t know who ordered it but I believe it was Dave Cathey from the Oklahoman.  He had eluded to the famous “XO” sauce…and the dish I believe, was the Shrimp with XO Sauce…but ..somehow  didn’t get a photo of it.   A CRIME I know.  But please let me vouch for the Shrimp X.O. Sauce.

It is my quest now to make this sauce because after one heavenly taste, I fell in love with it. I must know it more intimately and learn its secrets. Google it and be met with all sorts of options…but I must say… it will bring me back.

And you should venture out today and try Chow’s.  Enter the world of a new taste, a new country, a new cuisine…taste and see Hong Kong from the backyard of Oklahoma City.
Travel. See.  Taste. Experience.

By not even leaving our City.

Chow’s Chinese Restaurant
3033 N. May Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
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  • Stephanie Bice

    September 6, 2012 at 8:19 am

    LOVED the whole fish and spare ribs! And the XO sauce - YES!! Honestly it was all really good. Next stop - Ables! :)
    1. DishinandDishes

      September 6, 2012 at 8:46 am

      Steph! Word! WHEN? (Sounds good right now)
  • Marie at the Lazy W

    September 6, 2012 at 9:25 am

    Oh holy smokes that walnut shrimp sounds AMAZING. Yum. Sounds like a delicious and fun event from beginning to end!! Looking forward to your recipe breakdowns, Katie!! xoxo (that was hugs and kisses, shrimp sauce style!! LOL)

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