Memorial Day is a time to remember our loved ones who have passed away.  It’s a time to honor the service men and women who have provided us with freedom.  We do all of this with love and the deepest respect in our hearts.

But it’s also another kind of day.  It’s a day to celebrate the  joy that comes with having the freedom these wonderful soldiers have provided us.  It’s a day to celebrate and love on all of those in your family and those who are close to you.  

We woke up to a gorgeous sun drenched sky that begged us to hook up the boat and spend some time at the lake.  It was time to pack some sandwiches and a cooler of drinks and just have fun together. It was time to get the teenagers away from the electronic temptations that come so freely like the tv, the computer, the cell phone texting (don’t even get me started on that subject!), and the X-box.  

It was time to let siblings bond. 


Ummm….I think they’re bonding.  Or maybe they’re trying to figure out how to tip each other over…?  

Yeah that’s probably it..

No, they’re bonding I tell ya!

Nothing says “bond” like putting 3 siblings on a tube.


You see the strangest things.


And a LOT of showing off.  The oldest is such a showoff…


Younger sis has to try to compete…


And “little” brother of course has to try to top them…


And sometimes Mr. Wonderful thinks they get a little too cocky…


And decides it’s time to dump their butts in the water.


Which usually just makes them laugh harder.

Speaking of Mr. Wonderful, you can tell the man has some Pacific Islander in him when he gets near the water.


He just looks like an island boy doesn’t he?  Ya know what I love about him getting in the water?

No matter how much the young punks try to show off?


they just can’t compete with this man…




I love to watch their mouths drop open when he does this…


This girl is doing pretty well though…she just hasn’t made it backward yet.



And then there’s skiing.  The Island man can really ski.  I didn’t get any pictures of him though as I was driving the boat…but here’s Trey, Tori’s boyfriend.  

I could ski, I bet, if I had his muscles…

Or any muscles..





The young man got cocky and wanted to slalom after he saw Mr. Wonderful do it…tried 3 or 4 times but couldn’t cut the mustard!


I love it when age still holds something over the young whipper snappers!

As parents, here is one sight though, you don’t really feel comfortable with…


Even if you know you’re not doing anything wrong, it still makes you nervous.

Have you had a family day out lately?  If not, you’re missing all kinds of fun wacky adventures.


and memories…




and love.



Find something to do with your kids outside without distractions today…you will be glad you did!



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