I love the week when the Farmer’s Market opens.  There are several that open in our city after Memorial Day.  

This morning I  visited a small one not too far from our house.  There is something about strolling beneath the white and yellow striped canopies and browsing through  the not-so-perfect vegetables that our local farmers display.  


See the little discoloration of the tomato up front? I love that…that means goodness and yummy, juicy, fresh-grown, ripe-bursting with flavor tomatoes that will be a joy in any salad or dish you may serve them in.  

I was super excited to see these little darlings…


You don’t often see shallots in our grocery stores…at least not fresh ones.

I love these little babies….


Pattypan squash. These are going to go into a recipe, soon to come – maybe Creamed Pattypan or Rosemary-Parmesan Crispy Oven Fried Squash.

I may have to finish this post later…I’m getting hungry.

Just kidding.


I got these squash also. The back one is a regular zucchini.

The front? I have no idea.  The little man in overalls who sold it to me, and who looked straight off the pages of a Norman Rockwell painting,  said in his twangy southern accent…”That thar’s yeller squash young lady”.

First of all, I love the little man in overalls for calling me “young”, and second I have seen yellow squash so I pointed at it and said, “I thought that was yellow squash”.  

He looked at me like I had 3 heads and said “Nawww, that thar is crook’d neck squash”.  

I guess I don’t know my squash very well….

So there ya have it ya’ll, I’m off to conjer up a recipe for that thar yeller squash.  

Visit and support your local Farmer’s Market this weekend. It’s great fun!

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