The holidays ended with a comfortable day in the Wonderful household on New Year’s.  Little did Mr. Wonderful know….his 50th birthday party  was coming.

Mr. W and his Mama

{Mr. W and his Mama}

Let me tell you, it’s not easy to sneak in a surprise party on the Wonderful guy.  While not even realizing it, he’s incredibly nosy and almost always discovers either any surprise or present that is coming his way.

My dear friend Nancy and her husband Rick agreed to hold the party at her gorgeous sort-of-new house so the problem lay in getting him out there.  For you see, his brother Pat was in town from Arizona which seemed to be a tip-off to something being in store.  That’s Pat below with my sis in law Linda, my daughter in law Laura …and Miss Thang…Emelia!

_MG_8076 (2)

We decide to just go ahead and tell him that Pat was coming for his birthday and that we were all going out to eat at a sushi place near Nancy and Rick’s.  I was going to come up with some excuse to tell him I needed to stop in at Nancy’s on the way.

Seems easy right?

You might not know Mr. Wonderful.

You see, when a family gathering is happening, he likes to be super early as he is looking forward to the fun that is about to happen…but this time, he had no idea. My asking him to go to Nancy’s was NOT going to allow that to happen, even though I told him I was way over due dropping off her Christmas present and really needed to do so.

By the time we arrived at Nancy’s house, he was grumpy, and not being a very good sport about going in the house with me. You can see so by the “highly repentant and ashamed” look on his face when the surprise hit him at the front door.

_MG_8099 (2)

He couldn’t even accept the surprise at first…his first words were “I need to apologize to my wife!”


Dale presented him with his penance…all this glitzy 50th wear he was forced to don throughout the evening.


I think he looked very handsome in it…don’t you?

_MG_8108 (2)

We had some wonderful food catered by MJ’s 


For once in my life I was happy to NOT have to cook for the party!  Thanks MJ for the wonderful fajita bar!  You should think about hiring her if you’re in the Oklahoma City area!

It was a great evening full of fun, friends and laughing.

_MG_8112 (2)


I was excited that all of his brothers and sisters could make it.


It was a lovely evening with our close friends and family.


It was a perfect night…


for a perfect guy.



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