Here is something new and fun for you and me for the Dishin & Dishes blog! I am not partnering with Ziplist and Easy Recipe!

Every recipe will soon (it will take a bit of time to convert them all!) be able to be printed or saved to your free ZipList Recipe Box. And the ingredients can be added to a personalized grocery list. You will now start seeing the printable recipes at the bottom in a pretty new picture box…you can do two great things with this!

Thanks to my dear friend Nancy for alerting me to this!

You can click “Print” and just print out your recipe…but if you’re going technical and want to save all those pesky pieces of paper and instead, save your recipes to your own personal Recipe Box…you can get a free Ziplist account (It’s like Pinterest but just for recipes and will make you a grocery list of your selected recipes (sorted by grocery aisle!). Just click the Blue “Save” button and on the form that pops up click “Create Your Free Account”

Once you become a member with a free account, you can now save recipes on my blog and many others by clicking on “Add to Recipe Box” and a copy of the recipe is saved to your recipe box. This is the best option when you are browsing for ideas for future use. If you plan on cooking the recipe soon AND need to shop for it – click on “Add to Shopping List”. The recipe is not only added to your Recipe Box, but a shopping list for the necessary ingredients is also generated!

If you don’t have a smart phone or iPad… just install a ZipList button to you toolbar(Just like on Pinterest).  As you are browsing the web for recipes you can zip them into your recipe box for later.  You can also create a shopping
list from the recipes in your box.  And clip some coupons while your there.

I hope this makes your cooking experience more enjoyable!

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