• Herb Fest and Other Projects!

    May 24, 2010DishinandDishes

    After what seems like a month ( I think it actually has been!) of bad weather weekends, we finally got to work in the yard and the garden beds this weekend.  Mr. Wonderful cut off about 25 branches off our monstrous tree that the storms had cracked limbs on, and I worked in my herb garden. I have BIG plans for these herbs, as in using them in many of my dishes that we love around our house.  I planted plants for my early crop, and then will re-seed as summer goes by to get new and fresh crops of basil coming up throughout the summer. I lost several of my perennials, like my rosemary and thyme.  No idea why and am looking into covering…

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  • Heirloom Tomatoes Here I Come Again!

    March 4, 2010DishinandDishes

    I did it. Today I ordered my heirloom seeds.  I’m late but it’ll be okay.  Last year I ordered so many varieties.  This year I’ve narrowed it down to my favorites.  Here’s my selection. From the Black/Purple group is my favorite of all time – Black Krim.  Sweet and tasty and ohhh so wonderful. The beloved Brandywine is my choice in Reds.   Excellent flavor…great for sandwiches or salads. Large fruits! Also from the Reds, I ordered Mule Team, as Ms. Martha Stewart highly recommended them. From the Whites/Greens I ordered Aunt Ruby’s German Green.  The description got me – “A sweet delicious flavor with a hint of spice” .  These are new to me – can’t wait to see how they fare. And we got such…

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  • Dreaming of Spring Gardening

    February 13, 2010DishinandDishes

    Yesterday, our weather finally got up above 50 degrees again.  It started me dreamily thinking about spring. And my garden. I miss my herbs.  This year I’m going to plant all of them by seed, because they just work really well and cost almost nothing to plant.  So due to the inexpensive seed factor, I’m going to plant everything I can dream of…like… First and foremost – Basil.  I’m going to plant at least two varieties this year.  Without a doubt I’m putting in  Sweet Basil and Thai Basil. Last year my basil was my pride and joy and I made more Pesto and Bruschetta than one family can handle. I really want to try some Thai Hot Basil or Holy Basil, but I need…

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  • Fall Gardening? The Tomatoes that Never Stop!

    November 23, 2009DishinandDishes

    This bowl seems to never diminish on my kitchen counter.  It’s late November, Thanksgiving is next week, and these doggone heirlooms are still producing like troopers. We’ve cleaned up most of the leaves from the backyard, but we haven’t pulled these plants out yet, sickly as they might look. I’m particularly happy about the picture on the bottom right.  That’s my black Krims.  And they’re still going strong. Even the herbs are hanging on. Granted, the basil looks pretty putrid, but the sage is a little more hardy, so it’s waiting to garnish plates and go into dressing at Thanksgiving! Crazy weather we’re having here…. But hey, who’s complaining? Not me. ~Katie

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