Boys That Grow Up Into Men

June 17, 2009Katie

By Katie

circle1See that boy at the bottom of the picture? This picture was snapped 3 years ago for our family christmas card.  See that young boy down at the bottom? That’s Conner, my youngest.  Note the chubby cheeks and the long curly hair?


I loved those cheeks.  I’m a mom.  We love every stage our kids go through in life.

Well, except 7th grade.  Seventh grade was a blur of nasty glares and a LOT of attitude.

Okay, I loved him then as well.

I didn’t say I liked him.

Anyway, chubby cheeks, cute little boy looks.

It’s all gone now.


He even has this little mustache thing goin on now. I pointed it out last night and he told me, “I know  Mom, I shave it about once a month.”

I made this boy promise when he was young that he wouldn’t grow up.  He told me he wouldn’t.

He lied!


You know what he went and did last week?

Got his driver’s permit! (More on that later).

It is the strangest thing to have your son stand a good half foot taller than you now.


When his sisters picked on him over the years, I’d tell them, “One day he’s going to outgrow you, and when he does, I’m gonna let him whup you, cuz you deserve it.”

Guess what?


That day is now.

For some reason, the girls aren’t worried.  They know he loves them and would never take me up on that promise.

They got off easy, I woulda whupped em!


They even still pick on him, but now he loves it.




I wonder what it’d be like to grow up with 2 older sisters? I had a brother.  I’ll never know.


One thing I do know…he’ll always be there for them.



He just might not admit it.


What a strange mixture of emotions – pride, joy, and a little sadness, when your boy becomes a man.

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  • Alisa

    July 21, 2009 at 10:33 am son is 10 years old and he surprised me when he made that promise to me too...I dont want to think of him growing up too fast yet...
    1. dishinanddishes

      July 23, 2009 at 1:22 pm

      Alisa - maybe they'll make a new magic potion to keep them young for us! I think it's too late for mine tho -he's 6'1" or something now!

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