Wild Al’s Food Truck

August 22, 2012Katie

He’s Al.

He’s Wild Al. Wildly dangerous…in a good food sorta way.

And he has a food truck that serves up goodness around Oklahoma City.

(watch as Al joins me on Rise & Shine!)

Mr. Wonderful and I ventured out to find Al this weekend at the Puppy Palooza in Yukon where all things dog were happening including adopting out some adorable rescue dogs.

Wild Al’s food truck was a welcome sight as we pulled in.

In case you haven’t seen the hype generated by Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race, I can tell you, food trucks are finding their way across the country including Oklahoma City, and they are coming on strong.   I plan on bringing you stories of all of them soon, but first, let’s start with Al’s.

One day Al Bouda decided that he was done being a supervisor at Target, done working a Fed Ex route logging 400 miles/day, and done working in the food industry for over 15 years.  Done that is, with not being his own boss.  With a dream in his heart, he bought a used Snap-On tool truck off an internet buying site, and drove the thing all the way back home to Oklahoma from Virginia. There was a lot of tweaking to do, but Al learned what worked and didn’t work on his truck, and continued to master his kitchen built inside the truck until it suited him. Then he began cooking the way he wanted to and fixing sandwiches that he would want to eat at home.

And isn’t homemade fare always the best?

Soon Al took his food show on the road, and, when I asked him if it was worth it, and if he still loved what he was doing, his answer was a resounding “YES”.

Now he serves up delicious sandwiches like his Philly Cheesesteak…in beef…

Or in chicken…

The filling in these is made of the meat, onions and peppers cooked together in a wonderful blend of savory goodness.

We ordered from his wife Johna of 16 years, who is happy to help him out in the kitchen when she’s not working in the medical field. For $6 you get an enormous sandwich and a bag of chips.

Like this Steak and Blue Cheese sandwich I ordered.

Seared pieces of steak topped with bleu cheese dressing and capped off with cheese, lettuce and tomato. This was everyone’s favorite I believe.

Mr. W really enjoyed eating his portion of my sandwich.

I’ve heard rumors of other delectable sandwiches Al turns out, like his Bourbn Molasses Meatloaf Slider with homemade pimento cheese.  Or the one he’s promising to bring to my show segment on Rise & Shine – the Brisket Burger, freshly ground brisket hand ground with his special spices and formed into burgers.

To find Al’s truck you have to be a little investigative. Follow him on Facebook (click here), or follow him on Twitter (click here). He also posts a weekly food truck menu here on his website!  He tweets where he’ll be and what he’s got in store for you gastronomes daily. Before long, you’ll be begging him to drive his truck to your area, and if you can talk your business owner into it, he’ll probably come around often.

In the words of an infomercial..

BUT WAIT! There’s more…

Al also sells his rubs and sauces…

For a list of the stores you can buy them in, visit his site (click here) to find out where!

I hope you’ll venture out and try one of our great good trucks in Oklahoma City. For behind each truck, there’s a super nice guy like Al, wanting to share his tried and true recipes with you.  He told me to see the look on the face of a customer as they bite into one of his sandwiches and smile, is the best feeling in the world.

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