White Out

February 9, 2011Katie

It’s backkkk!

More snow, school cancelled and while not as much wind as last week, enough to blow the wind shield wipers of a car straight up.

There was no way I was taking another vacation day today off of work, so I ventured out.

Don’t worry, I was going about 5 m.p.h. when I took this.  It’s not that I’m afraid to drive in the snow, as I’m a former Michigan native. 

It’s that I’m afraid of everyone else who drives in the snow in Oklahoma.

This snow was actually a little bit pretty today I think.

I arrived at work with little or no difficulty, except for the guy in a red Hummer who kept driving 60 for no apparent reason.  He hit all the red lights and I hit all the green lights and 15 minutes later we hit 50th and MacArthur at the exact same time.

But he looked really cool doing 60 in the snow.


Anyway, only 4 people total showed at my building today and when I walked down the hall to get into my office, it was barricaded.

The custodian thought no one would show.

But he hadn’t counted on 2 former northern girls who know how to drive in the snow.


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