Wedding Food Trends for 2016

May 23, 2016Katie


If you’re getting married this year or the next, you’ve likely learned during your planning efforts that trends ebb and flow quicker than you can get a handle on them. One of the most important and memorable parts of a wedding is the food, and if you want your wedding fare to be next level, consider these 2016 trends and make sure your feast is as decadent as you always imagined.

Signature Drinks

Open bars will always experience a steady level of popularity, but one drink trend that seems to be picking up steam this year is the introduction of signature libations. Both the bride and groom can designate their favorite drink, or hire a bartender to come up with a brand new concoction specifically for the day. This is a great way to still serve alcohol at the wedding without dealing with the hefty open bar bill, and is the perfect route for showcasing a bit of the bride and groom’s personalities and preferences on a day that’s meant to be all about them. A far as non-alcoholic beverages go, this is the year of lemonade. But we’re not talking that old powder mix that was the hallmark of summers past. This year’s wedding lemonade takes a fancy spin on citrus, with real lemon juice, flavored sugars, honeys, and syrups combining to create custom beverages.


Dessert Tables

Instead of cake, many couples are instead choosing to do dessert tables, which allows for a much larger variety of sweet treats. Your options really are endless, and this route allows for a variety of budgets. You can order chocolate covered strawberries from a site like or bake cookies yourself; you might elect to have mini tarts delivered, or go fancy with a croque-en-bouche (also known as croquembouche), a French dessert made of choux pastry balls piled into a cone shape, usually covered in sugar and caramel. The sky really is the limit and your dessert table will likely be the talk of the reception.

Brunching Bride and Groom

As more bride and groom pairings are choosing to get married earlier in the day to keep costs down, brunch has been on the rise. From omelet stations to Bloody Marys, pancakes and waffles to fresh fruit salads, brunch means a variety of delicious options to choose from and is usually a crowd-pleasing offering.

Food Trucks

With a trend towards casual, food trucks are a great option for couples looking to do something a little out of the ordinary with their wedding fare on the big day. It could be a local taco truck that serves the best Mexican food this side of the border, or a gourmet sandwich truck that the couple loves. There are so many different types of vendors that the bride and groom will truly have their pick of the litter. The food truck might not cater the entire meal, either. These days, you can find specialty dessert food trucks, or those with just appetizer style items like French fries and the like.

Fresh Fare

Especially in the case of spring and summer weddings when warmer weather is present, fresh food is refreshing and sure to be a hit with your guests and bridal party. Locally sourced fresh foods are all the rage, and this can extend from crisp fruits and vegetables to fresh fish in dishes like ceviche.

Comfort Foods

Gone are the days when the bride and groom were expected to serve salmon, chicken, or beef. There’s been an increasing trend towards comfort food, with the happy couple electing to serve their favorite fares, sometimes in buffet style. From macaroni and cheese to hamburgers, biscuits and gravy to pigs in a blanket, truly nothing is off limits these days. The major difference? Presentation. If you do decide to serve comfort foods, think of interesting and creative ways to serve it. For burgers it might mean miniature options that are the quintessential finger food, and macaroni and cheese can be served in individual mason jars for a bit of rustic appeal.

If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding menu, keep this year’s most popular trends in mind and make sure your reception feast is one to remember.


  • Laurie

    August 2, 2016 at 7:47 pm

    I love the brunch trend and the comfort food trend. There are so many options for food you can have at your wedding - do what makes you happy. My husband and I served Tex-Mex. Thanks for sharing!

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