Wake Up With The Wedge Pizzeria!

Hey! Did you know The Wedge Pizzeria serves breakfast?

And a pretty doggone fine breakfast for five bucks if I do say so myself.

And I do say so because I’ve tried it twice in the past few weeks. And the great thing is…

It’s different every day. (Follow their witty Tweets @wedgepizza to hear them each morning. (They make me drool daily and crack me up sometimes as well)

Never mind the fact that I already love The Wedge (read my pizza and night time post here).  The  Wonderful guy and I frequent there often for date night and recently have our older kiddos hooked on it as well!

Each day the delicious offerings vary – from quiche to breakfast burritos to gourmet french toast.  The quiche might be a crazy combination like artichoke and butternut squash.  Today for example, we were offered a Chicken, Bleu Cheese and Mushroom Quiche that was scrumptious.


Or you might decide on a wrap.  Today there was something for everyone.  Besides the quiche, there were two wraps offered.  One was meaty and hearty and all a manly-man could stand,  and the other was filled with vegetables like spinach, red bell pepper, onions, tomatoes and cage-free locally purchased eggs.  I tried the veggie one with Kayla, my daughter and we both decided it was our favorite thing.

Another thing we loved, I mean, REALLY loved was the yogurt parfait.

Jeff Longstreth, the creative culinary mind behind The Wedge’s breakfast chops up a huge bowl of fresh fruit each morning. Some days it will be berries but today we had apples and pears.  And Jeff, bless his ever-lovin’, foodie heart layered it inside a colossal sized cup with thick,  rich Greek yogurt and then he topped it with some of The Wedges famous spiced nuts.

I’m just going to say, both of us gals swooned over this.

So this is how breakfast works at The Wedge. They call it “the grab n go breakfast”.

You go up to the counter and pick one item.

Whether it be a piece of the quiche, a generously portioned wrap, or one of those fantastic yogurt/fruit parfaits, you get it and a large glass of orange juice, coffee or soda. And hello Oklahomans, it’s been 100+ lately and Elena was making a giant container of iced coffee while were there as well! Perfect!

And you get it all for a mere five bucks.

And you get it quick.

Jeff has it all whipped up for you and you can be in and out the door in a flash with a homemade breakfast.

And I have to go back, seeing as Jeff and Elena taunted me with tales of a baked french toast with sand plum house-made syrup.  Jeff and Elena make a great morning team at The Wedge and always make us feel like family when we walk in the door.

I only have one regret about breakfast at The Wedge.

It’s too far away from my work!

P.S. The Wedge also has a Sunday (Funday) Brunch! Check out their awesome pizza menu with several local fried egg topped pies.

Watch the Wedge join us on Rise & Shine to make a delectable quiche that is one of their top sellers…Cowboy Quiche! It was delicious!

The Wedge
4709 N. Western Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
website & menu

Need help finding The Wedge? See the map below!

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