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November 8, 2014Katie
The boarded windows are not typical but were being repaired the week we were in
The boarded windows are not typical but were being repaired the week we were in

Back when Waffle Champion was a truck, I could never make it during the work week days to to where the truck usually was or, even worse, force myself to wait in the mile long line at H & 8th Night Market no matter how badly I really wanted to try them.

I knew from the lines at H & 8th and the glorious tweeting I’d heard that they were going to be fabulous, so finally a few weeks back, I coerced Mr. Wonderful into heading down to their place to try them out on a Saturday morning.

waffle irons waffle champion

I was vaguely worried about getting in as I’d read that if you don’t get there early enough,  the lines are out the door, but we lucked out and didn’t have to wait very long.

The décor at Waffle Champion is pretty urban cool. There are horizontal and vertical bars placed in the design all over the restaurant including the grated walls around the open see-through wall to the kitchen that mimic the waffles being made inside.

Inside of Waffle Champion

Menu items are painted all the way around the large poles in the center of the room and each modern diner-style table is bedecked with paper towel holders instead of napkins.

Here’s how it goes at Waffle Champion…..

First off, you’ll probably need to pull down the alley way on the north side of the restaurant to find parking. It’s a bit confusing to figure out which of the parking lots you can actually park in but just pay attention to the overhead signs you’ll see as you drive to find the right strip. You can then walk in through the back entrance of the restaurant but you’ll need to go up front to get in line. There a worker will greet you with a number that will match a number holder they will place on a table for you to sit at after you go through the line and order.

Confused? don’t worry…just look for this sign (if there’s no line), and follow its instructions:

Order sign Waffle Champion

*Pick a batter – there are two choices of buttermilk Classic (better for the savory waffles) and Liege, a true Belgian style yeast waffle, usually full special pearl sugar crystals that create a crunchy sweet outsideof the waffle. I’ve had two bags of this sugar in my cupboard for months that I have yet to use because the batter is pretty labor-intensive.  Can I just say that I’m grateful to Waffle Champion for doing it for me?

*Pick your fillings – there are some pre-made offerings in their Craft Waffle Sandwiches

*Sit down – wait for your order and EAT UP!

BEFORE you sit down, go to the counter at the end of the ordering counter (towards the back door end) and get a squeeze bottle of syrup and any utensils you might need.

Condiment counter Waffle Champion

The space is very “elbow room only”, and you’ll probably have to maneuver uncomfortably to get to your table. A server will run your waffles out to you and find you by your number and your food will be served on half-pan cookie sheets which I loved.

Mr. Wonderful picked the most-ordered waffle at Waffle Champion – the Bacon Egg N’ Cheese.

Bacon Egg N Cheese Waffle Waffle Champion

The great thing about Waffle Champion is that the ingredients are all exciting gourmand offerings. There is thick cut bacon in this baby, along with free range eggs and Tillamook cheddar cheese.

Bacon Egg N Cheese Waffle Champion inside

I ordered the Florentine Craft Waffle and it was stuffed full of tomato, garlic spinach, cremini mushrooms, free range eggs and the kicker – goat cheese béchamel.

Florentine Waffle at Waffle Chamption

It was divine!

Florentine Inside Waffle Chamption

You can see from these half-eaten waffles that the insides are generous and filling.  I could barely finish mine.

There are other offerings of savory waffles that we must go back and try – like the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with crispy leeks and tabasco honey, the Smoked Duck Banh Mi and the WC Lobster Roll.

Yes, you heard me accurately, there is lobster being served…in a waffle.

These waffles are FILLING folks. Like I said previously, I could barely finish mine, but if you’re just daring enough…order a Sweet.

Dessert Waffle Champion

The Sweets portion of the menu allows you to pick the classic waffle or the Liege and for $.95/topping you can pick and choose your own creation with more amazing gourmet ingredients like brown sugar-rum bananas, peanut butter mousse, maple bacon icing, Nutella, lemon curd and something called “Liquid Cheesecake”.

LIege Waffle

AND, guess what else?

You can ask for marshmallows, large spongey-sweet gooey squares that are made in-house and bruleed right on top of your waffle.

Doesn’t that just KILL you to think about?

There are also Soup & Salad offerings and Snacks on the menu like, what else, WC Garlic N’ Parsley Waffle Fries that come with truffle mayo or house-made ketchup and you can wash it all down with a Maine Root handcrafted soda (unlimited refills), cold pressed juice or Elemental coffee. They also have a selection of beer and wine if you feel a bit fancier.

My only regret about my Waffle Champion visit is that I can’t visit them more often. I beseech Todd
Woodruff to open a location or two more so that we all can satisfy our waffle cravings more often.

Waffle Champion
1212 N Walker Ave #100
Oklahoma City, OK 7310
Waffle Champion on Urbanspoon

Here’s a map to help you find Waffle Champion!

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