Valentine’s Day- Stay In!

February 11, 2015Katie

Can I just suggest to you one thing?

Don’t go out on Valentine’s Day!

Now, I know ladies, that you’re ready to smack me. I know you’re thinking, “GIRL, you are ruining my chances of a nice meal out and HEY, I don’t want to cook for once!”

Let me toss in a disclaimer real quick and say, if you’ve got little ones and a babysitter, by ALL means go OUT. I mean, I am not stranger to having three small children years ago. I’d go out too. I get that.

But if you’re like us and have the ability to have the house to yourself, I’d like to present a case for staying in.  Okay? Here we go…

#1 – Service just might not be up to par based on the overcrowding of restaurants on Lover’s Day.  Add to that that everyone probably is trying to get the night off with their sweetheart, and the odds aren’t in your favor.

#2 – The choice of ordering off a regular menu might be out.  Prix Fixe (set multiple) menus are offered everywhere and your choices might just be limited. Also you might not want all that Prix Fixe stuff.

#3 – The restaurant might be crowded and/or noisy. I don’t know about you, but standing in line to wait (even though you made a reservation) is not my idea of a romantic night, and then being seated at tables too close together and rushed out so the next table can be seated? Nope, not mine!

Instead, I implore you to try something.

Stay at home and cook with your spouse. Don’t make something takes hours – grill seafood or steaks or whip up a beautiful plate of pasta that will cost a fraction of what you’ll pay to dine out. Chill a nice bottle of wine that you buy for 1/3 less than you’ll pay at a restaurant.  Set a beautiful table, maybe even in your bedroom, light the candles, put on the playlist…and voila.

Happy Valentines!

Here are some suggestions for main courses…from the tedious to the easy to the delicious (and even breakfast)!

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  • Marie at the Lazy W

    February 11, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    We were already planning on a night (or two or three) in, but this would have convinced me otherwise if we were thinking of going out this weekend. Wonderful ideas, Katie!! And I am pretty sure I'm making your overnight strawberry french toast for Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast. xoxo
  • Stephanie

    February 12, 2015 at 10:59 am

    We never go out on V-day. The last time was years ago during our first year of marriage. I wanted to go to a really fancy and popular restaurant. It ended up being really expensive and I felt like they rushed us through so they could turn the table over because they had too many reservations. I love your idea of staying in and doing something together. Great ideas.

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