Typical Weekend at Our House

May 4, 2009Katie

car-packed This is just one of many crazy weekends at my house.  One child moved out.

One child moved back in from college for the summer.  Somewhere in all of this we painted the room Jason moved out from to let Tori move into it  and shopped for new furniture for the now-empty room.


 My daughter had 2 friends over.  They cooked. They trashed my kitchen. They made a Bobby Flay pancake recipe with ricotta cheese and blueberry compote.   It was delicious. I have no pictures of the final product because they trashed my kitchen and I was too embarrassedto show you what it looked like.  But here’s a few beforehand.

girlscook1  Taylor and Kayla looking up the recipe.  Making homeade buttermilk because we forgot to get some.  Also exposing Taylor’s pretty computer to the chaos…this made me VERY nervous!   girlscook2 Taylor showing Kayla how to use a zester.   girlscook3 Kayla could really do it herself, but we’re all convinced she plays dumb to avoid working… girlscook4 By golly, I think she’s got it!

This is Erica.  Erica wanted to order pizza with the boys.  I finally put her to work de-stemming strawberries.  She just wanted to pour sugar over them and eat them.  We ended up doing that and having strawberry shortcake and watching Madea later.

Madea is hilarious.   I lauged so hard my tummy hurt.


This I think, is a very ummmm…good impression of Charlie’s Angels?


This one? NO IDEA!?


I just know they scare me.


And finally, look how shocked Taylor is that Kayla’s actually working and doing dishes!


Now for the boys. I had 3 of them over plus Conner.  They don’t care about ricotta cheese pancakes and blueberry compote.  They eat pizza.  

All the time.  They could live on the stuff.


They have incredibly HUGE smelly sneakers.  I made them leave them inside the front door.


They do one of three things. Play X-Box, play basketball, or jump on the trampoline.  trampolinecomposite

They are low maintenance.  They only show up downstairs or indoors when they need a drink or food.



They all left pretty early Saturday morning…and ya know what?

It was super quiet when they left!

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