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December 10, 2010Katie

After going missing for four or five days with a flu that almost did me in, we had to get busy decorating the house for Christmas.  We’re hosting a large party this weekend and I need the latter part of the week to clean and cook.

I’m completely in love with Christmas trees.

When I was little, I used to love to sneak out of my bed at night and go lay underneath our living room Christmas tree.  We also had a white tree with pink decorations (my mom’s doing) in the basement room, but there was no way I was going down there alone at night.

There is something about the soft twinkle of lights in an almost-dark room with glittery ornaments adorned alongside of keepsake ornaments that warms your heart.

This year I think we have six trees up.  Most are smaller ones in the bedrooms and kitchen.  But this is our ten foot beauty in the living room.

I love the fireworks coming out of the top, as if Santa will “lift off” at any minute.

Then there is this one in the kitchen.

The thing about trees is -each one should have their own personality.  On the kitchen tree, I wanted it to be food-centered so the ornaments are tiny frosted gingerbread cookies and candy canes.

And just for fun I pulled out some cookie cutters my kids used when they were very little (simply tied on with a red ribbon).

On the top, I just wired on a star cookie cutter.

Then there is my my older girl Tori’s room.

I had to do a tree in there.

If I could have found high heeled shoe ornaments, I would have used those, but I did find something I knew she’d like.

So then of course, I needed a tree for my younger daughter’s room.

This pink and brown combination did the trick.  And I found some little ornaments I knew she’d like – candy and Jesus.

So then, that left the boy’s room.

Now, the boy hangs out in the upstairs living/game room much more than his own room, which is decorated in all things OU.  So in that room…

I originally bought a red and white tree topped, but the guys in the house didn’t approve so they came up with this, which I think is pretty cute.

I’m just not 100% sure about the OU jersey they used for a tree skirt.

Lastly, Mr. W. and I have a little cutie tree on our dresser.

Too much?  I don’t think so…I absolutely love the sparkle of lights, the glow at night when the lights are dimmed or off.

And for the record, we did put one box with a trio of trees back up in the attic.

Because things seemed just right.


  • UrMomCooks

    December 18, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    Lovely post! Enjoyed looking around your blog very much!

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