Thrift Store Desk Remodel

January 26, 2016Katie

Ever since Mr. Wonderful and I watched the movie War Room, I have been wanting a space for myself.

A quiet place to be alone and write, study or pray without interruptions or distractions. You know, like…”Oh! There are dust-bunnies over there…I need to stop and exile them to parts unknown!” or dishes, or even some show mindlessly playing on our television.

Recently we re-did Kayla’s old bedroom upstairs after she moved out using gray and yellow. There was a thrift store desk up there that just stuck out because it was a yukky brown color.

Photo Jan 19, 5 03 18 PM

I even some had some white paint on it from when I re-did the dresser in the room.

I knew I wanted to remodel it, so after a year of talking about it, I finally worked on it last weekend.

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on it so I spent …


Yes you heard me right.

I wanted to buy fancy milk paint and such, but instead I bought a flat paint in a soft yellow color in a sample-size container located on the counter at Home Depot. It cost about $3.50.

Photo Jan 20, 1 28 06 PM

I bought another container in semi-gloss of a dark chocolate color for the top. It also cost $3.50. So add in tax, and you can see I spent a fortune re-doing ugly duckling into a swan.

I also redid an old but sturdy chair with the yellow paint and covered the cushion with some material I’d previously purchased.

Photo Jan 20, 12 20 03 AM

I considered buying new hardware for the drawer pulls, because the bright old-school bronze color was not to my liking, but instead I remembered that Mr. Wonderful had just sprayed our light fixtures out front with an oil rubbed bronze spray, so I opted for simplicity instead and just sprayed the original drawer pulls. I thought they had a certain charm to them.

Photo Jan 20, 1 29 55 PM

I still would like to add a couple of candles and maybe a small desk lamp.

In the end I was very pleased with the final results.

DIY Desk redo

I added some basics to the desk for journaling, and also a Bible promise book, a cork board and some sticky notes to pin to it and also an extra notebook for thoughts that might come to mind for a book I’m working on.

Photo Jan 20, 1 27 19 PM

Kayla happened to have this old magnetic calendar as well and I hung it above the desk to add my sticky notes, etc. random thoughts, prayer requests and promises I wanted to claim over my prayers.


And there you have it. My own little quiet space. So far, I am absolutely loving it.

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