Things to Do When You’re Snowed In

February 7, 2011Katie

Last week in Oklahoma City we had a snow storm.

It had us all holed-up for days on end.

These still shots can’t really show you what we experienced, for there was no way on God’s green white earth that I could have stuck my camera out the door to capture the swirling nasty snow that we had. 

It wasn’t one of those beautiful snows with the big fat lovely snowflakes coming down.  This was a harsh, knock you WHAM on the side of the head kind of snow, with bitter wind gusts that blew the snow around and in your face.

It just made you want to stay in the house, and barracade the doors and windows against the wind chill outside.

We had one brief moment of insanity and took advantage of the cold and snow to defrost our freezer.

We piled laundry baskets and rubberized tubs full of freezer stocked broths, meats and other goodies.

I use the term “we” loosely.  Mr Wonderful wasn’t too thrilled about a project out in the bitter cold garage.

Because you know, you just might be a redneck if you stack crates with space heaters to quickly thaw out your freezer during a snow storm.


And …you just might be the worst kind of redneck if you take a picture of yourself thawing your freezer out in a snowstorm.

The young whippersnappers tried valiantly to play in the snow…

While, the wisened old ones knew better and got some much needed rest.

I’m with him.  I rested.  Rest is good.

Well, there was this one matter of my closet..which took three hours to go through, but we won’t get into that.

I got lost in four seasons of The Tudors and had a hard time finding my way out.  I’m a history sucker for sure.

And I’m very greatful that “the rack”, “The Tower of England”, hangins and drawing and quartering are no longer used for the sake of my nauseated tummy.

Round two is coming tomorrow.  My daughters car is still under snow in Tulsa at college and the only place delivering food to them is Papa Johns.

The Wal-Mart here still doesn’t have eggs on the shelves, or much else for that matter.

If you’re in one of those nice warm tropical states like Florida or California?

Think warm thoughts for those of us here in the middle of the U.S.


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