These Two….

March 5, 2011Katie

Today I am doing some much needed cleaning and organizing of my picture files on my home computer.  I made files for each kid and I couldn’t help but laughing at these two girls.

This  is my daughter Kayla and her roommate Brettley, and they have a very..

How shall I say….?

Interesting type of friendship.

They are total goofballs.

They wrestle (even on a trampoline).

They visit thrift stores regularly.

During the snow this year, they decided to put on matching footed pajamas that they purchased from the boy’s department at Target.

And then rented a movie and built a blanket “fort” to watch it in.And yes, they slept in it all night.

You can be sure that whatever these two goofballs do together..

They’ll be having fun.



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