The Wedge Pizzeria Restaurant Review

October 7, 2009Katie


Location:  4709 N. Western
Phone:  602-3477

Dollar Factor $$               Yum Factor  ***

Every Tuesday night, Mr. Wonderful and I have a date night. Last night we spent date night at The Wedge.

Now let me just say, at the risk of being labeled “un American” that I am not a big pizza fan.  I am however, a gourmet pizza fan so I was actually excited about trying The Wedge.

Mr. Wonderful was pretty hungry, so he wouldn’t even wait for me to take a picture of the front of the store.  Note that he’s in the above picture, leaving me in the dirt, all alone, feeling like a fool photographing a pizza joint.  I think sometimes he has the thought of  “Why can’t we just eat without critiquing or taking pictures?”

Sometimes he’s right.  Why can’t we?

Stepping into The Wedge, I was actually surprised by the size of the tiny dining room coupled with the bar and brick oven, all in one trendy little room.  I think I counted around 15 or so tables for 2, which can be pushed together, according to your group size.  Behind the bar are a few guys who are feverishly running back and forth and attending to the customer orders.  It’s neat to see one of them slapping and throwing pizzas up in the air.  Overall, the atmosphere is fun, trendy and hip.  The restaurant boasts that their ingredients are locally sourced or purchased from certified organic growers.


If you choose to, you can eat outside on a romantic patio which would be wonderful on one of our rare, but beautiful Oklahoma evenings.


However, we missed the 2 week window of beautiful Oklahoma evenings and chose to go inside. We sat down and looked at the small menu and realized this wasn’t your typical pizza place.  Now, mind you, they do have The American Pie version ($14.00), which contains your traditional marinara sauce, meatballs and onions, but the exciting thing about The Wedge is – they have untraditional toppings you might not be expecting at a pizza joint.  Toppings like prosciutto, figs, sage, capers, capicolla, truffle oil, roasted pine nuts, and arugula.  These kind of toppings are a foodie’s dream.  I was happy.  Mr. Wonderful kind of looked at the menu and had this puzzled look on his face.  I could tell he was thinking...”figs?”

We settled on splitting the Fresh Spinach Salad ($6.00) to begin.


I’ve been on a fresh pear kick lately and this wasn’t a disappointment.  Fresh spinach was topped with a sliced fresh pear half, sprinkled with Asiago cheese and candied walnuts and topped with a Dijon vinaigrette that was fantastic.  The nuts had a spicy kick to them as well and the overall taste was great.  It was a little pricey at $6 but was very good.

Other things we saw go by our table were the Wedge Trio ($8.00), a mix of flatbread, roasted artichoke hearts and hummus.  You can get the  flatbread alone ($3.50) and it is  basically pizza dough mixed with some olive oil and rosemary.  It seems to be a favorite. ***Update – had this and I’m sooooo hooked! The hummus is to die for!

Another appetizer we saw at the table next to us was the Antipasto platter ($9.00) and was an assortment of marinated seasonal vegetables, cheese and saluma.  **Update!  I’ve had this many times now and it’s one of those things I dream about at night.  Always different and always fresh and delicious.

The Wedge does tell you that their menu is subject to change based on seasonal items.  I love that in a restaurant…it tells you that you’ll get seasonal freshness and change.  It’s refreshing and quaint.

Following the salad, we ordered the Truffle Shuffle ($15.00).  Our waitress told us this was the house favorite.


It had roasted chicken, cremini mushrooms, spinach and sage, and was topped with parmesan and mozzerella cheese and then drizzled with white truffle oil.  The flavor was fantastic and the hint of sage gave it a gourmet yum- factor taste that made me smile.  It was all I could do to get a picture of this before Mr. Wonderful had the spatula under a piece and tossing it on a plate.  He was hungry and this looked amazing.


Oh and meat lovers? Check out the American Pie.

You can also build your own pie with  your choice of four sauces, six cheeses and a selection of gourmet toppings.

The Wedge also offers a variety assortment of drinks, from beer and wine to homemade cream soda and italian sodas.

I should note, if you’re looking for anything else at The Wedge besides pizza, this isn’t the place to go.  Other than salads and a few appetizers, The Wedge is about pizza, and it’s done well.

For dessert, we chose the gelato.  It came with one scoop of pistachio and one scoop of Double Chocolate and was out of this world delicious.

The Wedge Pizzeria is a a little pricey for a pizza joint, but based on the ingredients and quality, I think it’d have to be.  We were more than full splitting one pizza, salad and gelato and being water drinkers, our bill topped out around $30.

Try it for a date night of your own sometime.

Oh yeah, after the pizza and gelato? I finally got a smile out of Mr. Wonderful.

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  • Cheryl

    October 8, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    thanks for the review. it all looked yummy. i'm glad you two had a nice night out.
  • Fran J

    October 9, 2009 at 8:13 am

    Nice review for the Wedge. I love pizza, but am a litle more traditional than gourmet. glad you enjoyed it.

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