The Space Bar Trick on Iphone is a Game Changer

December 18, 2018Katie

This post has nothing to do with food, or recipes, in fact…. I don’t even know where to put it in a category on my blog. But here goes…

Open up your text message on your iPhone (you must have upgraded to iOS12 for this to work). Type in a line or two of text just for fun but don’t send it!

Yes my husband and I have Bitmoji’s and we use them unapologetically.

And they make us laugh all the time.

Now, put your finger (or use your thumb like I do) on the space bar and hold it down and start moving your finger/thumb around.

When you wiggle your thumb, you’ll start noticing the little cursor line now becomes like a mouse…and you can easily move it to wherever you want to go back to in your text to correct or add something!


And that is it! 

Go on with your day. I just had to share because for it’s been revolutionary!  Because you know….

I’m the typo queen…just ask my kids.

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