The Little Things He Does

July 3, 2009Katie


It’s the little things he does.

Like today, when I was at work.  He built me this.


It’s a new photo lightbox that I can take pictures in.

See, I have made a couple of them lately out of a big cardboard box and some tissue paper, which  would have worked out just fine.

Except for….


This kid.

See, I keep my photo box in our laundry room.  A few days ago, I found it completely crunched and broken.  The result of a teenage boy just not noticing things.

I still love him anyway, by the way.  And I found this today on our chalkboard in the kitchen.


How can you be mad when you find something like that?

Mr. Wonderful started brainstorming on a teenager-proof lightbox I could use.  The man’s mind works very unlike mine.  He can figure out anything…not kidding…he’s SO smart!  Remember the show MacGyver?  That guy could take 2 toothpicks and a twist tie and make a weapon!

Same with my husband.  He took one of those shoe racks, added 2 lights on the side, and zip-tied them on.  Then he got a bigger light and did the same at the top.


At the bottom, he zip-tied on one of those plug outlets that allows multiple plug-ins and plugged all 3 lights into it.

Then, he put a simple frosted storage box on the bottom rack and turned it onto one side.  Inside is a plain white piece of posterboard.  That can be switched out for other colors.

lightbox2On the top shelf, he put a box that will hold my decorative props like tissue paper.  So we decided to test it out.


I think it worked pretty doggone well!


Girls, if you find a man that will do things that he knows will make you happy, and cares more about making you smile than his own needs, you have a keeper for life.  Hold on to him and love him forever!

I love my little gift from him and I adore him completely!

As for this kid…


I’m still keeping him far away from it!


  • Julie

    October 2, 2010 at 10:58 am

    Neat-o!! I wish I could have a light box like that. I think I will probably just make one from a cardboard box. speaking of which, I have to get up in the attic and look for one. Mr. Wonderful Island Man is pretty creative!
  • Dina Leonhardt

    June 7, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    Wonderful on every count! Thanks for posting this!!
  • Lisa

    October 13, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    AWESOME!!!!! You certainly got a good one <3

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