The Future of Stoves?

January 20, 2014Katie


Mr. Wonderful tagged me in a Facebook post this weekend with the comment, “Yes, honey, I’ll get you one”. He knows me well.

Check this out. Is this the future of stoves for those of us who love technology and who love cooking?

My thoughts while watching this…

I love, LOVE the idea of my  music being accessed right on the stove top.

I think the actual surface is HUGE which won’t fit in most kitchens.

I love being to access Pinterest or any online recipe with a touch of my fingertips.

While being able to draw where you want your pots and pans to sit is pretty doggone cool, I am and will always be loyal to a gas-powered burner, which is probably not as cool or technology friendly.

I’m wondering just how anal you would have to become to keep your stove top smudge free to be able to view all these features? HA

What do you think?  Like it or love it?

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