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August 27, 2011Katie

So Mr. Wonderful and I ventured out one Saturday morning to hit our favorite Farmer’s Market in Edmond, and we got a late start.

Bad move on a 105º day in OKC in August. The farmers were all pulling up their awnings when we arrived due to…well probably heatstroke. We dashed through and picked up a few essentials, and then realized..

We hadn’t eaten breakfast and…

We were starving.

Have you ever been to a place that does basically one or two things, and because of that, they just do them right?

Enter Cow Calf-Hay

Say it real fast…

Cow Calf Hay

Cow Cafe.

Get it?

If that seems a bit wacky to you, well, you’re in the right place.   Wacky is appropriate when describing the bovine-inspired decor inside.


There are things like saddles for kids to sit on and this..


Just visit City Bites, the other “wacky” place the owners claim, and you’ll see the decor is a bit unusual also.

The said owners, the Blevins brothers (Mark, Brad, Gary & Eric) appreciate making things a little…well….


What’s up with the cows you ask?

Cow Calf-Hay is all about the beef my friends…the burger beef.  Specifically the Certified Angus chuck (or you can get all white meat turkey or veggie burgers as well).

And it’s good…oh so good.

From the minute you take a gander at the menu, you’ll realize, there isn’t much at this place that isn’t about burgers or things that compliment them.

We sat down at a faux cowhide booth and looked it over.

There are some pretty normal looking burgers on there like the Classic Cow Cheeseburger which is a basic burger smothered in cheese with typical fixings. But you can’t help but notice the burger highlighted in a glaring yellow square that boasts a burger patty topped with grilled chicken and potatoes among other things.

I knew immediately what I wanted – The Barnyard Burger ($7.79).

Consisting of a fresh one-half pound certified Angus beef patty topped with sauteed mushrooms, pepper jack cheese, grilled onions and garlic mayo, it was exactly my kind of burger.

And I had to do it…add a fried egg for $.79.  Yes, PLEASE.

And I ordered the curly fries (which it comes with).  One bite told me what I needed to know.  These burgers are the real deal folks.  Delicious! Served on a grilled bun the burgers were juicy without being overly greasy and very flavorful.

Mr. Wonderful ordered the Western BBQ Burger, but without the BBQ sauce…the man doesn’t like BBQ sauce, can you imagine?

So on this BBQ burger that he made non BBQ there was also sliced jalepenos with smoked bacon strips and fried onion strings and American cheddar.

He opted for the onion rings ($1.00 extra) instead of the fries and I should note that both were delicious.  I am pretty picky about the type of onion rings I enjoy and much prefer those that are  lightly breaded.

The staff was super friendly while we were there.  And our server was very helpful.

As was the manager…and they both talked us into dessert even though we were so full, the thought of it made us cringe.  But then they brought this.

I think this is what they called the Cow Pie Cake.

Thank goodness – this was light!  It is basically like a yellow cake, baked and drizzled with strawberry juice and then covered in whipped cream, bananas and more juice.  I love it as it was reminiscent of the Strawberry Jello cake my mom used to make for birthdays when I was little.  Light and refreshing after a huge heavy burger.

On a side note, if you’d like to see what I deal with with Mr. Wonderful on a regular basis….


Well, there you go!

Other things to note about the restaurants – they feature a burger or two each week (or is it month?).  This week’s was the Lady Gaga burger

The Cow also features live music on the weekends, which I’ve heard is pretty fun for the family.


If you’re looking for a good burger, I recommend the Cow Calf-Hay.  They also have a small 2nd page of the menu featuring a couple of chicken dishes – one that sounds intriguing – the Coo Coo Nest described as “Hand breaded chicken tenders on a mound of curly fries, Texas Toast and a choice of creamy pepper gravy or jalapeno gravy”.

Try it out the next time you’re in the Edmond area. And let me know if you enjoy it!

Cow Calf Hay
3409 Wynn Dr.
Edmond, OK 73013

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  • Fran J

    August 28, 2011 at 11:31 am

    that dessert looked really yummy. I'd try that for sure. real catchy menu titles. Food looks good, too.

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