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April 8, 2014Katie

Sadly this restaurant has closed.

The Beatnix Café is an eclectic little café on the Southeast corner of NW 13th Street and Robinson Avenue (fronting on 13th Street) owned by my dear friend Sandra Ceballos.

If you happen to walk into The Beatnix Café, you will experience her smiling face and sweet countenance immediately.

You might say this review is partial, as Sandra is my friend, but you might also say that I have tasted her cooking, and she makes a wicked-mean green sauce. In fact, I’m hoping I can pry that recipe out of her hands in return for this write-up. I will be sworn to secrecy.

I will take the secret to my grave.

I promise.

Shoot, I am not beneath bribery for a fabulous green sauce recipe, plain and simple.

Tucked right in the middle of a beauty salon and Floral and Hardy florist (I love this name!), The Beatnix is a quaint little neighborhood spot for locals to stop for a quick breakfast , lunch, or my favorite – the coffee and tea offerings.

Recently remodeled into a mix of whimsical vintage and charming Bohemian, The Beatnix is a fun hangout as well, for those who want to start their morning by utilizing the free wifi at the computer station facing out onto the street while sipping a frothy cup of chai or to snack on a sandwich wrap for lunch.

The breakfast menu at Beatnix ranges from breakfast burritos to muffins, to the Beatnix Bongo Bar – an all natural-made-in-house breakfast bar made of oatmeal, pecans, almonds, sesame and flax seed and peanut butter among other things. Or you might pick from a deli sandwich, wrap, soup or salad at lunch with offerings like The Cool Cat Reuben or the Groovy Grilled Chicken Wrap.

There will also be a daily offering such as Chicken Quesadillas, Mexican Torta on toasted bolillo bread, or Chile Rellenos with homemade Hot Sauce.

You’ll notice a south-of-the-the-border touch at The Beatnix, something new that was introduced when Sandra took over ownership, and we can only hope she continues to throw some of these in more and more as time progresses to add some new flair while keeping old favorites around as well.

The daily offering might include a homemade red sauce and, avocados are always welcome as an addition to any item, a fact that I am deeply thankful for.

We usually go for breakfast on Saturdays, and we love the straight-forward breakfast burritos served up by The Beatnix. I add avocado to mine and ask for the spinach wrap. Mr. Wonderful sticks with the original burrito and both come filled with sausage and egg. Here’s the kicker – if you get the breakfast burrito, I insist you try something.

You MUST order the previously mentioned green sauce.

Do you hear me? There is no choice here so just do it.
I mean, I really am not being bossy. I just hate for anyone to miss out on this!

You’ll thank me when you do.

The green sauce is a blend of avocado and some sort of mildly spicy goodness and it’s just delicious. The four of us at our table just kept spooning it into our burritos after each bite. And if you go for lunch and you happen to be fortunate enough to be there on a hotdog day? Get it on your hotdog!

There are numerous coffee and loose leaf tea choices so be patient and wait, like I did, for your Madagascar vanilla tea to steep in a French press contraption.

Or if coffee is your thing, order an espresso or latte and enjoy sipping it while you eat. Sandra and her staff have been taking care to get schooled in the ways of becoming baristas and he coffee drinks are ever improving.

Or for you Redbull fans, try this instead. And iced Yerba Mate with Ginseng and Guarana. It comes in both the hot or cold variety and is made with healthy soy. You won’t be picking yourself up off the floor 2 hours later after this bev.
Yerba Mate Beatnix Cafe

I hope you’ll give The Beatnix Café a try soon.

You will put me one step closer to getting that recipe.

The Beatnix Cafe
134 NW 13th Street
Oklahoma City
OK 73103

Need directions to The Beatnix Cafe? Here’s a map to help you!

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