The 12 Days of Christmas Foodie Wish List 2014

December 17, 2014Katie


12 days of Christmas foodie wish list

It’s almost too late but I did manage to scope out a few things for my Christmas Foodie Wish List 2014! Narrowing things down to twelve always kills me, but here are just a few from the reasonable to the extravagant.  Please note, I left the off the La Cornue stove because I just simply had a hard time believing anyone was going to buy me a $12,000 stove.

Are there some foodie items you’re wanting to add to your kitchen repertoire this year? Tell me in the comment section! I’d love to hear your ideas!

One can dream right?

Day #1

While eating at my favorite gourmet pizza place in Tulsa a few years ago, we devoured this pizza called the DEMARCO OF BROOKLYN which is an homage to Dom Demarco of Di Fara Pizzeria on Avenue J in Brooklyn. The pizza had hand-crushed DOP San Marzano tomatoes, slices of house made fresh mozzarella, fresh picked basil, Pecorino Romano and “loads of extra virgin olive oil” which came drizzled out of a beautiful silver olive oil cruet.  I wanted one…the pizza and the cruet!

Williams Sonoma $19.99 Steel Oil Cruet with Brass Lid

Stainless Steel oil cruet

Day #2

Make your wine sipping and happy hour truly relaxed and happy. I kind of hate those silicone rubbery looking popular wine charms that are everywhere right now. These are elegant, quaint and just make you feel downright cheery.  For the wine lover:

Personalized Wine Charms in Sterling Silver $47 (

Sterling wine charms

Day #3

I love to keep my frequent kitchen tools handy like my colander in the kitchen. I keep it hanging above my kitchen sink from a hook.  So shouldn’t it be a truly special work of art? My kitchen is mostly red but with accents of mustard, sage and black and white. This fits the bill perfectly!

MacKenzie-Child’s Enamel Colander – Courtly Check $79 (

enamel colander

Day #4 & Day #5

My list is never lacking a Le Creuset piece. Yes, they are pricey, but ohhhh, how I adore the way they cook!  Everything tastes like it was slow cooked in a brick oven and I have been coveting this braiser pan for years. I’ve listed it in Cherry red of course, since that’s what I collect.

Le Creuset 3 ½ Qt. Braiser – $250 (


Ok, let’s be real. I may actually GET this from someone…my low end choice for my Le Creuset collection is this:

Berry Jam Jar with Silicone Spreader $30 (

Berry Jam Jar with Silicone Spreader

Day #6

A month or so, I got it into my head that because of my German roots, I needed to make homemade sauerkraut. I started researching…only to learn that I needed something called a fermenting pot or crock.  Then I learned that these babies (the good German ones with pressing stones included) cost a pretty penny.   Then my mom told me that she had one from years ago out in her shed in the backyard, which I PROMISE you has not seen the light of day for many years.  If she insists on being a hoarder, then I will just add this to my list of ridiculously priced kitchen items I need.

Boleslawiec 15 L Polish Fermenting Crock Pot – PRESSING STONES INCLUDED (

Fermenting crock

Day #7

I need a better, clearly visible solution to my spice rack. I don’t want one of those revolving deals that sits on your counter occupying valuable cooking space either. I also don’t want pre-labeled jars.  I use a ton of exotic spices that I buy at my local friend Abel’s spice shop and I just want a shelf that can be mounted to my pantry door at eye level to be able to see what I want. This one fits the bill. In fact,  I could probably use two.

Rev-A-Shelf® Small Adjustable Door Mount Spice Rack – $69.99 (

  Mountable spice rack

Day #8

We frequently have Pad Thai parties at our house and we could use a new electric wok. An electric wok is really nice to have in the hot days of summer for quick stir fries and the likes.  For our Pad Thai parties, I also like electric because we take it outside to the patio to cook most of them time due to the lovely and “fragrant” smell of using fish sauce in the recipe. Ours is currently getting pretty old and nasty and we need a new one.

Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok, Black $37.99 (

electric wok

Day #9

For a few edible gift ideas, I MUST start with Harry & David pears.  With their one beautifully golden-wrapped pear, you feel as privileged as Charlie did when he got that coveted gold candy bar. These pears are the most delicious I believe I’ve ever tried.

Harry & David’s Royal Riviera Pears $29.95 (

Royal Rivera Pears


Day #10

I love hand made pasta, but who has the time to make it frequently?  One day I’ll be retired, permanently ensconsed in a frilly apron with my hands up to my elbows in flour cranking out beauty, but until then, I buy a local friend’s pasta. Our local Chef Chris Becker makes some delicious pasta.  Once serving under Mario Batali, Eric Ripert, Lidia Bastianich and Gabriel Kreuther, this guy KNOWS how to make pasta. I love living near him locally so that I can even purchase the fresh stuff at some of our local grocers. LUCKY moi! I especially love the Casarecce for it’s beautiful formed narrow, twisted and rolled tube shape for holding sauces like pesto.

Casarecce $7.99 ( 

  Della terra Casarecce pasta

Day #11

If you’re one of the Top 16 in the World Championship Cheese Contest, you know it’ll be a good gifting choice.  Aged Gouda has become one of our family favorites on the holiday cheese board.  This cheese made by  Holland’s Family Cheese located in famed cheese country in Thorp, Wisconsin, no longer has the 18-24 month on their site but I bet this one will do as it won the 2013 American Cheese Society and US Cheese Championship.

Marieke® Gouda Plain Premium (12-18 month) – 1 lb.  (

gouda cheese

Day #12

You may have already seen my write-up, but here in the spicy Southwest, this cookbook has been one my family wants me to keep opening up and cooking from.  Tacolicious by Sara Deseran and Joe Hargrave  has taught the use of dried chiles and has opened up my authentic Mexican cooking palate in unbelievably delicious ways. Every SINGLE thing I’ve made out of it is fabulous! The book includes salsas, pickles, snacks and sides, tacos, cocktails and aquas frescas and even a section on throwing your own taco party. Even though I own it, I think every foodie needs it on their wishlist.

Tacolicious – Recipes, Snacks, Cocktails & More – $17.19 (

Tacolicious cookbook

Day 13

I had to make a bakers dozen again because due to owning that cookbook up above, I really want a comal, a cast iron flat griddle that really comes in handy for toasting dried, chiles, garlic cloves, bridling homemade tortillas, and toasting quesadillas.

Victoria Cast Iron Comal Griddle – $19.99 (

Mexican comal

And there you have it. Twelve recommendations for the food lover you want to please. From high-end dollar to more-affordable, this foodie would adore any one of these items this year for Christmas!

Happy Cooking!


  • Jeanie

    December 27, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    I FINALLY bought the little greenhouse from Harbor Freight and it is sitting in my garage waiting to be assembled. I am so excited! Was wondering if you would consider doing a update post on what you learned last summer. Hits or misses. Good websites or resources for seeds and supplies?
    1. Katie

      December 28, 2014 at 9:49 pm

      Jeanie- yay for you and yes!!! I will work on that!!!

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