Thanksgiving Cooking Essentials in the Kitchen

November 24, 2013Katie

turkey carving board Thanksgiving is almost here and that begs the question, what are the Thanksgiving essential kitchen ware items you’ll need to make your big day a success? Of course, you’ll need countless bowls and plates and such but what are some of the key elements specifically geared towards cooking a Thanksgiving meal that I deem essential? I’ve listed a few for you here on the high and lower end of cost that I would love to have myself.

First off we have to tackle the bird.  Everyone needs a roasting pan.  Yes, you could use those throw away disposable pans, but a nice heavy duty roasting pan with a rack to keep the giant bird out of the juice is necessary to ensure crispy skin all over.

High End – All Clad Stainless Steel Roaster -Williams Sonoma $129.95.



Lower End – Cuisinart Stainless Steel Roasting Pan – Macy’s $49.95

Cuisinart Roasting pan



Next up and completely ESSENTIAL…a meat thermometer. PLEASE, whatever you do, don’t trust those red pop up plastic timers inserted in your turkey! You must use a meat thermometer to make sure you have your meat cooked up to the proper temperature.

Polder digital thermometer


High End – The Polder Digital In-Oven Thermometer – Amazon – $21.99.  Stick this into the thickest part of your meat, set it to go off when your desired temperature is reached and relax.

Lower End – CDN PrAccurate Insta-Read Ovenproof Meat/Poultry Thermometer – Walmart $11.99.




Next up, a potato masher.  I do not like my potatoes whipped with a mixer but prefer our potatoes to be mashed with a little character left in them at Thanksgiving and that is why God created men and biceps.

High End – Rosle Potato Masher for $49.95. This baby is heavy-duty and has a solid handle for gripping.

Rosle Potato Masher



Lower End – Pedrini Potato Masher – Target – $6.99.

Pedrini Potato Masher



You’ll need a good gravy separator – like this one from Sears

Higher End – Amco Grease Separator – $16.99 = this little darling is a one-handed trigger operated release to put exactly the amount of turkey drippings into your gravy pan while separating out the grease.




Lower End – Farberware Classic Grease Separator – $6.99

oxo gravy separator



A good carving board for your turkey.  Preferably one with a “moat” around it to hold juices from running onto your cupboard or table.

Higher End – John McLeod Angus Carving Board – Williams Sonoma $99.95 – this board holds your meat on wooden “Spikes” to keep it in place while you cut.



Lower end – Snow River Turkey Carving Board – Walmart $19.99



And of course, to carve the turkey, a GOOD sharp carving knife.

High End – Shun Premier 9/5 inch carving knife and fork set  – Shun Kaji Carving Knife Set – Williams Sonoma $329.95



Lower End – Simply Calphalon Carving set – Amazon $42.49.



I know most of use will use FAR more than just these few essentials in cooking our holiday  meal, but these are some I can ‘t do without.

How about you? Am I missing anything? What else do you think is essential for a great Thanksgiving meal?

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