Teenagers, Competitiveness, and Mr. Wonderful’s Serve

July 1, 2010Katie

Monday night we received a much-needed rest from cooking, cleaning, and having 30 kids at our house.

These wonderful people offered to host us for the night.

Tom, Shawn and Darcy.  They have a crazy streak like us in their blood and love to entertain anyone and everyone at their home.

I expected them to want the kids to stay outside.

I was wrong.

They not only welcomed 25 or so loud, sweating teenagers into their newly-built home, but set out a spread for them including hotdogs, chips and dip, watermelon, a refrigerator of soda and these lil darlings.

Sausage Rolls.  These pictures don’t do these justice.  I’m going to make them, as Shawn was kind enough to share the recipe with me and I’ll post on them later.

I couldn’t stop eating them.  And because I couldn’t stop eating them, she sent me home with the leftovers in a bag.

Bless you Shawn and thanks for the recipe!

While the kids dominated the kitchen table, the leaders hid in their large dining room.

After grubbing, we all went outside to their lighted, fenced-in volleyball court.

And the competitiveness began.

Shirts (only from the boys!) and shoes came off, attitudes cropped up and some serious smack was being yelled.

There was the agony of rotating out and having to stand at the fence and wait.

Some of our more colorful kids, found creative ways to curb their impatience while waiting.

I still have no idea what the 3-D glasses were all about.  I’ve learned to quit asking questions.

I’m always amazed at the competive spirit that arises in our young men when we play volleyball or flag football.

Hold up! Those aren’t young men, those are old more mature men!

I think that was some kind of net issue…not sure.

The girls were right there in the game.

And there was plenty of taunting from both sides.

I’m way too familiar with that boys smug look.  I see it at quite often at home.

But this is the part I liked.

For awhile, Mr. Wonderful stood at the net and was the line judge.

I knew that wouldn’t last long.

Pretty soon he was in the game, and when he got up to serve?


I loved the terrified look on the kids faces as the ball hurtled at them at 100 mph.

And for the rest of the night, they cowered when he got up to serve.

I love it when age beats youth…don’t you?


  • Beth Zimmerman

    July 1, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    Too cute Katie! :) Looking forward to the Sausage Rolls recipe!

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