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August 6, 2015Katie


We have a store-front ramen noodle house in Oklahoma City.

Glory be and thanks to all that is good and right.

Miso Corn Ramen Tamashii OKC

We waited a bit as we do with any restaurant for them to iron out their kinks before heading over to Tamashii Ramen House this weekend. And our experience was absolutely fantastic.
Tamashii Ramen House Oklahoma City Interior

If you’ve never experienced authentic ramen before, you need to try it at Tamashii.  It’s so unlike those ten-cent packets you get at the grocery story, and you really need to experience it first-hand.

We fell in love with authentic ramen at L.A.’s Daikokuya in Little Tokyo  and it was tough coming home and thinking we couldn’t have a similar taste experience here in OKC.

While fairly small (even the famous L.A. ramen dives are small), I did like the inside atmosphere of Tamashii. It’s all black vinyl, rustic wood and brick with some classy touches.

Interior photo Tamashii Ramen House Oklahoma City

I especially love the dishes, being the dish freak that I am.

ramen bowls Tamashii

Most ramen houses offer you a bar to sit at and watch the magic happening behind the counter and in this regard, Tamashii doesn’t disappoint.

ramen bar counter Tamashii Ramen House OKC

Behind the counter simmers the star of the show – usually the tonkotsu broth.

Photo Aug 01, 10 36 21 PM

The stock for this famous Japanese noodle soup is made from pork bones, which are simmered for hours, breaking down the collagen, marrow and fat, unleashing a creamy, white liquid.

When it’s time to plate up the ramen, the broth is ladled into the bowl along with pork, noodles, green onions and other elements including bamboo and a seasoned perfectly soft-boiled egg. Some places serve the noodles on the side but they came right in the bowl at Tamishii.  Proper eating time is under ten minutes for a bowl of ramen so the noodles don’t break down so go ahead and slurp away!

This was Mr. Wonderful’s bowl of the traditional Tonkotsu Ramen with the tonkotsu broth, noodles, marinated spiced egg and the braised pork belly.green onions, and marinated bamboo. The tonkotsu broth is typically pretty salty so be prepared for that and if you don’t like salt, you might try another option.

Tonkatsu ramen at Tamishii Oklahoma City

The pork at Tamashii is braised pork belly. I much preferred the way the pork is cooked at Tamashii in comparison with other pork I’ve had. It had a crispy outside and tender inside bite to and it was delicious. The noodles are not made in-house but are made just for them and they were very good. They are precooked in baskets and drained and left ready to add to the hot soup.

noddles at Timashii Oklahoma City

Here’s a little FAQ for you on ramen noodles. In order to stand up to time in broth, the noodles are made alkaline, usually with kansui, an alkaline, mineral-rich water sold in Asian markets. The kansui reacts with the flour to give ramen its yellow color. In Japan, these noodles are taken very seriously and sometimes take apprentices years to learn to make.

Oh, and another FYI for you on eating ramen…. you should absolutely feel prone to slurp the noodles. It is done with pride and with broth running down one’s chin.

Ramen bowls at Tamashii range from $8.75 to $9.50 and you can order extra noodles for $1.75 and additional toppings for a small price as well. It’s a good helping of food, so it’s worth the price in my opinion.

I ordered the Miso Butter Corn Ramen to try a new flavor and I just might stick with this one from now on. It was wonderful. You can see the pat of butter melting over the sweet corn in the photo below.

Miso Butter Corn Ramen Timashii Oklahoma City

You can add various things to your ramen at Tamashii (like fish cakes,  marinated bamboo or spicy ground pork) and I added in the black mushroom and seasoned egg. The fresh buttered corn in the miso broth was really nice and I also had the braised pork belly in mine.

On our second trip to Tamashii, I ordered the Spicy Ramen.

Spicy Ramen 1 Tamashaii

I didn’t like it as much as the Miso Butter Corn version but it was pretty good….and spicy, although not unbearably so.

There are also offerings of srirachi sauce, soy sauce and white pepper (very traditionally served with ramen although I don’t care for it) to add to your ramen to your liking.

Photo Aug 01, 10 35 34 PM

There are other eating options besides ramen at Timashii as well like Garlic Fried Rice that comes served in the frying pan it’s cooked, and comes with raw eggs that you scramble yourself when it comes out.  And there is also this.

“This” is a favorite dish of mine at ramen places – the Chasudon.

Chasudon Tamashii OKC

Tamishii’s version comes with a braised pork topping ladeled onto steamed rice with their special sauce blend and truffle mayo on top. The special sauce is sort of like a sweet teriyaki sauce. I appreciate that there is a small order of this available for $4.50 or you can get a large for $8.50. I am so glad that we got the small for a taste test because we also had to try a few other things.

The Takoyaki ($4.50) came out hot out of the fryer and was really good.

Takoyaki Tamashii OKC Oklahoma City

If you’ve never had takoyaki before, think of a wheat-flour based savory doughnut laced with small pieces of octupus, deep fried so that it is crisp outside and melty and soft inside. It’s usually covered with a Japanese mayo based sauce and bonito shavings.

takoyaki tamishii in Oklahoma City OKC

The Takoyaki was one of Tamishii’s “Small Plate” offerings. You can also order Gyoza, so of course…we did.

Gyoza Tamashii Oklahoma City

The Gyoza was nicely done and steamed and browned perfectly.

Potsickers Gyoza Tamashii Oklahoma City

An honorable hurrah was given by both of us for the chopsticks used at Tamashii, as they deviate from normal slippery chopsticks with an end that is textured for better gripping.

On our next visit, we MUST try the dessert menu – I have seen photos of a dessert they have called Fuji Toast. It looks like a semi-hollowed out loaf of white bread that’s been toasted and drizzled with honey and filled with green tea ice cream.  We tried so many menu items that I couldn’t even finish my ramen noodles which was just a crying shame.

eat ramen tamashii OKC Oklahoma City

He, however, didn’t have any trouble at all.

I love feedback so if you’ve been to Tamashii Ramen House – please leave a comment below and let me know what you thought!


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(Menu subject to change)
Tamashii Menu Oklahoma City

Tamashii Ramen
321 NW 8th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Need directions to Tamashii Ramen?  See the map below!


  • Audrey B.

    September 5, 2015 at 9:55 am

    We ate here about a month ago and it was outstanding. I also got the Miso Butter Corn Ramen because it seemed so unusual and I really enjoyed it. This is the first place I've had pork belly and really enjoyed it, they cooked it perfectly so it wasn't tough and chewy. This is my new stop whenever I'm in that part of town.
  • marc

    July 12, 2016 at 1:02 am

    I forgot how photogenic I am. While I no longer work there, I do remember preparing your food. It was so courteous of you to ask before you started taking pictures. Not everyone does. Lol. :-)
    1. Katie

      July 12, 2016 at 11:24 am

      marc - The food was wonderful! Where are you now?
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