Guernsey Park


Have you heard the buzz about Guernsey Park? Only open for a short time, Guernsey Park has already been nominated for OKC's Best in the areas of Best New Restaurant, Best Vietnamese Restaurant, and Best

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Pie Junkie – Slices of Deliciousness


I had my first divine bite of a Pie Junkie pie a year or so ago at S & B Buger Joint. At the time I described them as "sinfully delectable pies".  I remember our

Pie Junkie – Slices of Deliciousness2014-09-13T23:16:53-05:00

Mama Sinmi’s Chop House – West African Cuisine


Friday at noon found me driving aimlessly around the Warr Acres/Bethany area in search of lunch. I wanted something different, but something reasonably healthy. I wandered in my SUV south down MacArthur Boulevard and glanced

Mama Sinmi’s Chop House – West African Cuisine2013-11-21T14:45:05-05:00

Ajanta Cuisine of India


This may be the shortest and sweetest post I'll ever do on a restaurant.  Specifically, the restaurant I'm briefly mentioning is Ajanta Cuisine of India at 122nd and N. Pennsylvania Avenue. The reason behind my

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How to Make Homemade Pasta


Homemade Pasta. You know the difference when you dine out and taste it. You crave it at home. Who knew the recipe and technique could be so easy? With three ingredients (salt is optional and

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The Mule


Grilled cheese, you've come a long way baby. The beloved grilled cheese sandwich has, in reality been around for longer than we know in one form or another. In the 1920's however with the invention

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Oklahoma Ice Storm April 2013 – Life and Limbs


Today we had an ice storm...a beast of an ice storm in Oklahoma City and around the state. welcome to Oklahoma. It was 80º yesterday. No kidding. The trees are weeping and bending over under

Oklahoma Ice Storm April 2013 – Life and Limbs2013-04-10T18:25:56-05:00

Hibiscus Caribbean Bar & Grill -Tulsa Tasting


One of the places we visited on our Tulsa Tasting tour when I was writing my book was Hibiscus Carribbean Bar & Grill. Perched amongst one of our favorite areas in Tulsa, the Brookside District,

Hibiscus Caribbean Bar & Grill -Tulsa Tasting2013-04-05T14:51:27-05:00

Sean Cummings Irish Pub


Lively. That's the first word that comes to mind when you step inside of Sean Cumming's Irish Pub for the first time. First off, you're bound to walk right past some sort of Celtic band

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Mi Lindo Mazatlan Restaurante


A few weeks ago, I begged our friends Sandra and Noel to take us to this fantastic and authentic Mexican seafood restaurant they'd showed us pictures of on their phone - Mi Lindo Mazatlan Restaurante.

Mi Lindo Mazatlan Restaurante2013-11-07T11:29:38-05:00

Philly Cheese Steak Sliders


Sliders are such a great inspiration to play with.  First off, you can have a small appetite and have just one or be ravenous and have 4.  The recipes can vary from Buffalo Chicken to

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