Warm Chocolate Cobbler aka Chocolate Pudding Cake


Chocolate Cobbler. Yes you heard me right. There IS such a thing...and it's easy and delicious. Also, known by various names like Chocolate Pudding Cake and Fudgy Pudding Cake, the recipes out there are varied

Warm Chocolate Cobbler aka Chocolate Pudding Cake2018-07-26T08:33:16-05:00

Filet Mignon with Mushrooms and Mustard Cream Sauce


Oh my goodness gravy (literally) but these filet mignon steaks are DELICIOUS.  And you won't even believe how easy they are to make.  A quick sear on all sides and then pop them in the oven

Filet Mignon with Mushrooms and Mustard Cream Sauce2017-11-28T13:46:41-05:00

Valentine’s Day- Stay In!


Avoid long lines and stay home and cook with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day and here is why along with ten main course dish recipes!

Valentine’s Day- Stay In!2019-02-14T12:33:20-05:00

Strawberry Baked French Toast


A delicious baked french toast recipe with strawberries and cream flavors. Perfect for making the night before and then baking for Valentine's Day breakfast!

Strawberry Baked French Toast2015-10-06T14:13:20-05:00

Molten Lava Cupcakes


Recipe redo!  I chose to make this dessert for our Girls Night Out on Saturday.  Nothing says "Girls" better than chocolate sauce, strawberries, ice cream and a gooey-warm chocolate cake.  These would also be a

Molten Lava Cupcakes2014-11-24T10:39:54-05:00

A Valentine to Mr. Wonderful


Dear Mr. Wonderful, I could buy you a card, but that's so...someone else's words. And hey, it costs $6.00 nowadays to buy someone else's words. So I'll just put some of my own words down

A Valentine to Mr. Wonderful2015-02-12T09:34:05-05:00