Cornbread Sausage Sage Stuffing (Dressing)

Everyone needs to have a solid stuffing/dressing recipe under their belt. For me, moving to the south brought a revelation to me – there was such a thing as cornbread stuffing. Once I tried it, I never went back to plain ol bread dressing. There’s something just a little more delicious about cornbread dressing –… Continue reading Cornbread Sausage Sage Stuffing (Dressing)

Pumpkin Ice Cream with Buttered Candied Pecans

  My post today is for this delicious Pumpkin Spiced Ice Cream with Candied Butter Pecans! Please join me this morning over at Oklahoma Women Bloggers this morning where I am guest posting for the month of November every Monday as their Blogger of the Month! Their site is  really cool in so many ways… Continue reading Pumpkin Ice Cream with Buttered Candied Pecans

Holi-DAZE Time

Last week truly left me feeling a little dazed, most ever thankful and extremely full after a week full of Thanksgiving cooking and such. We had perhaps the best turkey we’ve ever made. We are big fans of “dry brining” now. The G-Babies were there in full force. We were a small group this year… Continue reading Holi-DAZE Time

Turkey Quesadillas – Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe

So imagine it’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving. You’ve reheated the leftovers once. Maybe twice… If you’re like me, you LOVE the leftovers, but by Saturday, you’re ready for something completely different. Something spicy…Asian, Mexican… But there’s all that leftover turkey…and cranberry sauce. Never fear…there’s hope. Like Turkey Quesadillas. Let’s make them! Slice up one red… Continue reading Turkey Quesadillas – Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe

Thanksgiving Cooking Essentials in the Kitchen

Thanksgiving is almost here and that begs the question, what are the Thanksgiving essential kitchen ware items you’ll need to make your big day a success? Of course, you’ll need countless bowls and plates and such but what are some of the key elements specifically geared towards cooking a Thanksgiving meal that I deem essential?… Continue reading Thanksgiving Cooking Essentials in the Kitchen

Twice or Thrice Baked Sweet Potatoes

Holy heavens, you CAN’T believe how good these are! Twice baked sweet potatoes is a play on the traditional sweet potato casserole  my family demands every year at Thanksgiving. I call it “Good as Dessert Sweet Potatoes” because it can easily be eaten as dessert. I would never in a million years NOT make these… Continue reading Twice or Thrice Baked Sweet Potatoes