• Taco Soup

    January 11, 2010DishinandDishes

      Taco Soup.  There are a lot of recipes floating around out there for this great soup.  There are a million different spins on it too, I’d imagine. Here’s mine. Brown up 2 pounds of ground beef or turkey.  I use the 93/7 in most recipes that are going to be covered in spice and…

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  • Cheater's Guide to Homemade Chicken-N-Noodles

    September 19, 2009DishinandDishes

    This is Conner’s favorite dish hands down. He’s such a boy and always doing something to make himself hungry. Did I mention he’s also a “major picky boy”?  Conner likes his food plain and simple. He had a little bout with the stomach flu earlier this week and even Mr. Wonderful was feeling a little…

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