The Pritchard


Last Sunday Mr. Wonderful and I meandered over to the ever growing and popular Plaza District to have brunch at one of their newly opened eateries The Pritchard Wine Bar, whose name gives a nod

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A Modern Way to Eat – Cookbook Review


Hello, my name is Katie and I have a vegetable addiction. Other than eggplant, whose squishy weirdness I just can't get an affection for, there has not been a vegetable that I don't fall in

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Recently Mr. Wonderful and I took a Friday off together to do some planning for our Easter Egg Hunt for our granddaughters. I was glad to have a work day off because I'd been dying


French Roots: A Cookbook Review


This charming cookbook filled with lovely life stories from Jean-Pierre and Denise Moulle traces the couple’s history from France to California. If you love recipes with a story along the way, you’ll love this cookbook.

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Tacolicious, a Cookbook Review


I received my copy of Tacolicious, Festive Recipes for Tacos, Snacks, Cocktails, and More last week. Saturday I sat on my patio in some truly gorgeous weather and read it from cover to cover, marking

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Ceviche, Peruvian Kitchen – a Cookbook Review


The name Ceviche pulled me in, but the rest of the book captured me as I flipped through Martin Morale’s Ceviche, Peruvian Kitchen. The book offers many more recipes than just ceviche so if citrus-cured

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Dhabha Taste of India Restaurant


Oklahoma food writer and blogger Katie Johnstonbaugh describes her visit to Dhaba Taste of India Restaurant and provides a review and pictures of the local eatery.

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District 21 at Francis Tuttle School of the Culinary Arts


This past weekend, I was given the treat of trying out the new fancy schmancy restaurant called District 21 at Francis Tuttle School of the Culinary Arts. Tuesday night,  June 18th, District 21 opened its

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Pie Junkie – Slices of Deliciousness


I had my first divine bite of a Pie Junkie pie a year or so ago at S & B Buger Joint. At the time I described them as "sinfully delectable pies".  I remember our

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Ajanta Cuisine of India


This may be the shortest and sweetest post I'll ever do on a restaurant.  Specifically, the restaurant I'm briefly mentioning is Ajanta Cuisine of India at 122nd and N. Pennsylvania Avenue. The reason behind my

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