• Honey Glazed Carrots

    January 23, 2020DishinandDishes

    Can I just say one thing about this Honey Glazed Carrots recipe? It is so good, it will have even your pickiest non-carrot-eating friends asking you to make these carrots. I really only like cooked carrots a few ways- slow cooked in a roast, stir fried with a lot of other veggies or roasted like…

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  • Grilled Honey Mustard GLazed Chicken Thighs

    July 31, 2015DishinandDishes

    Okay grill people…this is for you and one of those quick week-night dinners that uses very few ingredients but is amazingly delicious. You already know I love anything honey mustard-like especially this recipe that I make in the oven. Summer begs for a grilled version so the scorching oven heat doesn’t have to compete with the…

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  • Chipotle Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots

    February 1, 2015DishinandDishes

      This is one of the great wonders of the world. It’s an appetizer, one-bite masterpiece that utilizes four measly ingredients but when you pop one of these  babies into your mouth, you’re going to close your eyes and dream about another one. Because today is the Super Bowl, I am sharing this simple recipe…

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  • Tuna Steaks with Dijon Honey Mustard Sauce

    June 27, 2012DishinandDishes

    Have you noticed I’m trying to cook healthier this week? I am. Last night I made these tuna steaks recipe with a Dijon honey mustard sauce glaze along with sauteed sugar snap peas.  They were delicious, easy and made me realize again that eating healthy can be done without a lot of pain. It’s just…

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  • Brown Sugared Balsamic Mushrooms

    April 8, 2012DishinandDishes

    Oh my gosh.  If you are a mushroom lover, you must make these Brown Sugared Balsamic Mushrooms! They are glazed deliciousness! I must show you how to make this recipe! Must, must, must! Mr. Wonderful grilled up a couple of sirloin steaks,  and while he was doing that, I was doing this…

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