• The Garden in Retrospect

    September 23, 2010DishinandDishes

    So here’s my sum-up at the end of the summer, since the first day of Fall has officially hit us. My garden stunk. Period. My prized heirloom tomatoes that I so enjoyed last year got pounded by hail, beaten by rain and scorched by heat, in that order. Welcome to Oklahoma weather. I did get…

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  • Garden Peppers

    August 12, 2010DishinandDishes

    Do you see that cute little baby budding jalapeno pepper busting its way into the world? This year the little babies are popping out all over my plants. I love to watch them grow a little each day as they hang in shiny clusters and hide beneath their leaves. Strangely enough, their sister plants right…

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  • Garden Diary Update – Pesky Pests!

    June 26, 2010DishinandDishes

    Here’s a quick garden update. I haven’t posted much on my garden this summer due to the fact that I lost all my heirloom seedlings that I’d nurtured from seed in the house.  I had just put them outside when the monstrous hailstorm hit and wiped them all out.  I had to go buy some…

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  • A Gardener's Wish List

    April 17, 2010DishinandDishes

    I’ve cleaned up my flower beds and herb  garden area for the past two weekends and I am dreaming of a few things I’d love to have. Click on any picture if you wish to see where to buy them. #1  Some really good gloves ($2.99).  I like these -Boss Manufacturing Company Ladies Glamorous Green Dirt…

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  • Heirloom Tomatoes Here I Come Again!

    March 4, 2010DishinandDishes

    I did it. Today I ordered my heirloom seeds.  I’m late but it’ll be okay.  Last year I ordered so many varieties.  This year I’ve narrowed it down to my favorites.  Here’s my selection. From the Black/Purple group is my favorite of all time – Black Krim.  Sweet and tasty and ohhh so wonderful. The…

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  • Fall Gardening? The Tomatoes that Never Stop!

    November 23, 2009DishinandDishes

    This bowl seems to never diminish on my kitchen counter.  It’s late November, Thanksgiving is next week, and these doggone heirlooms are still producing like troopers. We’ve cleaned up most of the leaves from the backyard, but we haven’t pulled these plants out yet, sickly as they might look. I’m particularly happy about the picture…

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  • First Heirloom Tomato Harvest

    September 9, 2009DishinandDishes

    My first harvest of my heirlooms. Pictured above you will see Black Krim (the largest pinky/green ones).  These have been really prone to infections, either by bug or by disease.  Note the hole on the bottom side of the top left one. The small red ones in the colander are Besser Cherry Tomatoes.  We have…

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  • This is the time – My Heirlooms Part 6

    August 16, 2009DishinandDishes

    This is that time. That time when you know all your mothering, your care,  your watering and weeding is going to pay off. This is the time when you begin scouring for recipes with tomato in them. Did I mention previously that all the markers I put on these tomatoes blew away in the Oklahoma…

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