• How to Grow Radishes

    May 14, 2019DishinandDishes

    How to easily grow radishes in the garden

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  • Sautéed Radishes with Bacon

    May 13, 2019DishinandDishes

    Discover a recipe for sauteed radishes as a delicious and different way to use radishes.

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  • Growing Lettuce

    April 8, 2016DishinandDishes

    Even the basic gardener can grow lettuce! Try these instructions to learn how to grow your own lettuce, even in small areas!

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  • Creating a Fairy Garden

    May 13, 2015DishinandDishes

    Creating a DIY fairy garden at home can be a fun project for kids and adults alike!

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  • My Garden Diary April 2015

    April 28, 2015DishinandDishes

    I woke this morning and stretched lazily. For some reason I really had a hard time opening my eyes. As my senses came into focus, I realized why.  The soft patter of rain on the skylight in our room kept wanting to lull me back to sleep. Last week we visited my parents and brother in…

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  • My Little Greenhouse – Learning

    February 11, 2015DishinandDishes

    And so it begins…. It’s time for planting! Last weekend, I spent some time planting some (mostly) cool weather plants in the greenhouse. It caused me to reflect on what I’ve learned this year. #1  I didn’t plant early enough last year.  Since we put the greenhouse in in April, I didn’t get my cool…

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  • Bringing Bees to Your Garden

    August 22, 2013DishinandDishes

    I am not even CLOSE to being a Master Gardener. Hey, if I even get a few tomatoes or zucchini each year, I’m pretty pleased. With all the talk about the shortage of bees and such around here as of late, I did discover something helpful.  It was purely by luck, because most of the…

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  • My Garden Diary August 2013

    August 21, 2013DishinandDishes

    My garden has done exceedingly well this summer thanks to some unusually cool mid and late summer temperatures. After great success with my early spring and summer gardening and a wonderful and continuous harvest of lettuce, Swiss chard, radishes and spinach, I was feeling pretty doggone good about my green thumb. So, trying to forget…

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  • Cool Weather Gardening

    April 25, 2013DishinandDishes

    After the last two disatrous years in summer gardening, I decided to try my hand at spring and cool weather gardening with things like beets, lettuce, swiss chard and spinach. Here in Oklahoma, 105º days in multiple quantities are not the best for summer gardening. I’m sure the pros know how to make it all…

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  • Nasturtium the Edible Flower

    June 6, 2011DishinandDishes

    Would you eat a flower? Really would you?

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  • Glory Be! A Tomato!

    June 3, 2011DishinandDishes

    So far, my Oklahoma tomato plants have been free of *pests *hail *tornadoes

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  • I Love Lilies

    May 27, 2011DishinandDishes

    I am currently obsessed with Lilies.

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