Coral Snake Salsa


A fresh fruit salsa using seasonal ingredients of apricots that is wonderful alone with tortilla chips or to top tacos, chicken, pork or seafood,

Coral Snake Salsa2017-01-04T12:48:34-05:00

Brussels Sprouts Gratin


Brussels sprouts... These brilliantly green miniature cabbages are packed with vitamins A and C and folic acid and are a great source of fiber, but sadly are underrated or unloved by many. Just bring up

Brussels Sprouts Gratin2017-01-04T09:40:26-05:00

District 21 at Francis Tuttle School of the Culinary Arts


This past weekend, I was given the treat of trying out the new fancy schmancy restaurant called District 21 at Francis Tuttle School of the Culinary Arts. Tuesday night,  June 18th, District 21 opened its

District 21 at Francis Tuttle School of the Culinary Arts2014-02-12T22:02:40-05:00

The 2013 State Fair Food Finds and Ratings


This past Saturday we visited the Oklahoma State Fair with our good friends Joy and Dale. Dales very favorite thing to do is the fair, so we spent almost eight hours going through every single

The 2013 State Fair Food Finds and Ratings2013-09-20T12:51:08-05:00

Guernsey Park


Have you heard the buzz about Guernsey Park? Only open for a short time, Guernsey Park has already been nominated for OKC's Best in the areas of Best New Restaurant, Best Vietnamese Restaurant, and Best

Guernsey Park2013-11-26T18:41:56-05:00

Pie Junkie – Slices of Deliciousness


I had my first divine bite of a Pie Junkie pie a year or so ago at S & B Buger Joint. At the time I described them as "sinfully delectable pies".  I remember our

Pie Junkie – Slices of Deliciousness2014-09-13T23:16:53-05:00