• How to Self Pollinate Squash Blossoms

    August 8, 2016DishinandDishes

      Have you ever planted zucchini and had scads of blooms but don’t seem to be getting any zucchini? I do all the time here in Oklahoma. Especially in the hot days of summer when the humidity keeps the pollen moist and it won’t drop like it it supposed to. Never fear! You can do…

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  • Spring Fever and an April (Wedding) Shower

    April 19, 2009DishinandDishes

    Here in Oklahoma, we never know what to expect with our weather.  For example, Mid-March we get a straight week of high 70’s and sunshine, and now that it’s April, one day we get 80 and sunny afternoons and cold thunderstorms by nightfall.  What’s up with that?  A bad case of spring fever is on…

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