• Green Chile Au Gratin Potatoes

    April 10, 2019DishinandDishes

    What can I say about these Green Chile Au Gratin Potato recipe? Growing up, we used to go to a family restaurant named Bill Knapp’s. I knew I had culinary tastebuds because while other kids were wanting Little Ceasers and McDonalds, I was lobbying for my folks to take me to Bill Knapps to get…

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  • Hosting the Perfect Easter Shindig

    March 4, 2016DishinandDishes

    Ideas how to throw the perfect Easter shindig party complete with an Easter Egg Hunt, egg coloring and much more!

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  • Bunny Tail Cookies

    March 31, 2015DishinandDishes

    Aren’t these cookies just the cutest? These cookies have been floating around Pinterest and as far as I can trace, originated from pillsbury.com using store-bought cookie dough and frosting. However I wanted to make them from scratch as I was making these cute Easter cutout sugar cookies as well for our grand-baby Easter Egg Hunt…

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  • Mini Carrot Cake Cookie Cups

    April 10, 2014DishinandDishes

    These little cookie cups are just one little bite, perfect for Easter and are kid and adult friendly alike. For the adult and the child, one can limit oneself to one delicious little bite or eat two or three to make a normal cookie size. Kids will love the little cupcake-looking cookie bites, and they…

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  • Sweet and Savory Potato Stacks

    March 13, 2014DishinandDishes

    Easter is but a mere month away, and inspired by last year’s Sweet Potato Au Gratin recipe, I continue to think that sweet potatoes are a MUST to serve alongside a ham or lamb roast for Easter.

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  • Deviled Egg Salad and Avocado Dip

    April 2, 2013DishinandDishes

    Wondering what to make with all those leftover hard boiled Easter Eggs? Make a delicious egg salad dip with chunks of avocados mixed in and serve it up with bread squares!!

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  • Scalloped Sweet Potatoes

    March 26, 2013DishinandDishes

    My love for all things “sweet potato” keeps growing. Once something we only ate with brown sugar and butter, full of syrupy sweetness, I now love to eat them in the savory way. Something has developed in my post-40’s tastebuds that loves the blend of sweet and savory and sweet potatoes are one of my favorite ways…

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  • Happy Easter!

    April 4, 2010DishinandDishes

    Are you ever too old to stop coloring Easter eggs?  Is college too old? Not for these two. It took them 30 minutes to color 6 eggs. Those are the six my mom did.  And she’s …well a little older than college..but not much.. I would show you the ones the college girls did. But…

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