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August 29, 2010Katie

It started with church this morning.  Our pastor is doing a series on Heaven.  Have I mentioned that Revelation 21 is one of my favorite passages in the entire Bible? I’ve read it to my kids, I’ve read it to my husband.  I relish the thought that in a world where we think a strand of genuine pearls is special, that one day I’ll be living in a city where the gates of the city will be one magnificent giant pearl and the layers of the city will be of sapphire, emerald and one of my favorites – amethyst.

My Grandpa on my Dad’s side love amethyst.  He had a spring fed pond behind his house that had large chunks of this lavender crusted stone nestled around it.  He liked to make jewelry as a hobby and this was his stone of choice.  I bet Grandpa is polishing that layer of stone in heaven.  I just know it.

Anyway, Miss Jade spent the day with us and she is growing by leaps and bounds.  We  swam.

Oh!  An incidentally, here’s what happens when you dump a bucket of water on your head…

It’s pretty shocking.

She truly loves her Papa…they had a lot of fun coloring together.

He colored a boat.

Which we all know is Mr. Wonderful’s dream of the perfect day.

And then there was just some random silliness, that is the true unfiltered joy of a toddler’s world.

A world where bubbles are a wonderment.

And catching one on your hand is a miracle that makes you giggle in glee.

Ahhh to be a like a child again.

Maybe that’s why after we have empty nests, we get grandchildren.

To remind us to giggle again and look in wonderment at the little joys we’ve forgotten.

And then using our knowledge to make someone else remember joy as well.


  • Beth Zimmerman

    August 31, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    She is adorable! :) I love the thought of your grandpa polishing the amethyst! :)

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