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March 12, 2013Katie


That’s the first word that comes to mind when you step inside of Sean Cumming’s Irish Pub for the first time. First off, you’re bound to walk right past some sort of Celtic band as you walk in the door playing in front of a backdrop of some sort of Irish flag.


Then you’re going to walk by a bunch of boisterous folks having a great time in the quaint, dusky dining area and see a lively guy pouring pints of Guiness, Smithicks, Harp or Woodchuck Cider probably cracking some fun jokes with some other “lively” guys sitting around the bar.


You get the feeling when you’re at Sean Cummings that everyone is a regular, or family and that’s exactly the thing a good pub should be.

The first time we went looking for Sean Cumming’s Pub, we drove back and forth on May Avenue a bit before we figured out it’s simply labeled “Irish Pub” across the top of the strip mall.


It’s actually next to a sign labeled “Vito’s” which just happens to be an Italian restaurant that belongs to Sean’s wife Cathy.

In fact, as you can see above, there is a joint entrance with one door for Vito’s and one for Sean’s pub but here the twain shall end and never meet again for each runs their own place separately and although a joint door is provided to walk back and forth inside, they both prefer their own style of food; he with pub fare (he gourmets it up a bit!),  scads of Irish beer and whiskey choices, and she Italian cuisine and Italian wine.  In Sean’s words, “I fry a lot and she grills a lot, we don’t often agree on cooking!”.  I’m sure both of their cuisine is equally wonderful and I can’t wait to try Vito’s soon!

Sean is a good ol’ Irish boy who grew up with a father from Galway (a city in the west province of Connacht, Ireland) and grew up eating things like Colcannon, a boiled ham, cabbage and potato mash. You’ll see Irish cuisine like this on the menu at Sean Cumming’s Pub and you should try them all. Seriously, you should.

Inside the pub it’s soft with muted lighting, covered windows and  Irish memorabilia abounds all over the walls and shelves.


On our visit last week, Sean had us a try a variety of things, but no matter, what you’ll be offered a starter plate of Soda Bread and probably one of those pours.


if you know anything about Irish food, this bread is staple. They serve two versions at Sean Cummings, a wheat version and a raisin offering.

Next up came a bowl of Potato Soup. Flavored with bacon or ham, this was truly delicious and Mr. Wonderful said so after one bite.


Next up Sean brought us some Farmhouse Potato Cakes.


Now I’m not sure if Chorizo is actually a part of potato cakes in Ireland, but the addition makes these cakes absolutely scrumptious! We both took one bite of these and were in love.


These will be a returning favorite for us when we go again.They are savory goodness.

Now we moved on to main courses. Mr. Wonderfulcan never resist Shepherd’s Pie.


Sean’s version is a mixture of beef tips and hamburger in a rich brown gracy with whipped potatoes, vegetables and topped with melted cheese.


Being the seafood lover that I am, I ordered the Salmon Boxty.


What’s a Boxty you say?  Boxties in the north Midlands, where Sean’s roots are from, are crepe-like potato pancakes wrapped around a filling of meats. The crepe is made of a mixture of mashed potatoes, grated potatoes, flour, egg and milk (see recipe below) and Sean Cumming’s offers a filling of Dilled Salmon or Juicy Beef.  Mine had a generous helping of salmon, mushrooms and the whole thing was smothered in a creamy sauce that was delicious.  I couldn’t finish this and took half of it home to enjoy for lunch the next day.

Other menu items I am anxious to go back and try are the Harp Steamed Mussels and Clams (recommended by friend Stephanie), and the Fisherman’s Pie and the Irish Breakfast. I’ve been wanting to try the black and white pudding now for years and I believe this is the place I’ll cross that item off my bucket list at.

On St. Patty’s Day, Sean Cummings always boasts a huge party. There’ll be no green beer at this pub, however, but there will be plenty of the good Irish brews I previously mentioned along with five different Celtic bands throughout the day. They open early at 11 and take over Vito’s for some extra space so head out to Sean Cummings Pub and get a little lively yourself with Sean and his delicious food.

Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Main
Serves: 1
For the Potato Pancake/Wrapper
  • ½ lb. raw potatoes, grated
  • ½ lb cooked mashed potatoes
  • ½ lb. flour
  • 1 egg
  • Buttermilk
For the Potato Pancake/Wrapper
  1. Add grated potatoes and mashed potatoes together. Add in flour and egg. Add buttermilk until the consistency of a milk shake, Oil nonstick frying pan and pour enough in to make one thin pancake. Flip over after it bubbles to brown other side.

Sean Cumming’s Irish Pub
7523 North May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Here’s a map to help you find Sean Cummings!

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