Sauced on Paseo is a Little Slice of Heaven

November 30, 2010Katie

2912 Paseo Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Hours: M-TH 4 p.m.- 11:00 p.m.
Friday 4 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Sat & Sun 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Catering available

If you read this article and want to try the restaurant, tune in tomorrow to the Rise & Shine Oklahoma show where Sauced on Paseo will be featured at 7:15 a.m on KAUT43.  See Chef JP and some of his creations and get a $50 gift certificate to try out the restaurant for $25!  Go to to get yours!

Okay, listen up Oklahoma City.

There’s a new Sauced in town.

Sauced on Paseo.

It’s gone through a serious makeover.  The menu has been made-up, the decor given a fresh coat of make-up, or err….paint.

And you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

But did you expect anything less from these two?

Joe Jungmann and Lesley Rawlinson have already charmed us with Paseo Grill (read my review here) and its romantically hip decor and delicious cuisine.  They’ve hit us with street tacos and the likes at The Whole Enchilada (read my review here) downtown. Now folks,  let me introduce you to Sauced on Paseo.

This restaurant is Joe and Lesley’s latest addition to Oklahoma City’s local fare and if you’re looking for a swank but casual hangout or some cozy patio time, this my friends, is the place.

Everything I’ve read about the old Sauced, formerly owned by someone else, dwells on the rise and fall of the old restaurant. My article will focus solely on the creation of the new Sauced…because it’s pretty amazing.

First off, Sauced on Paseo is in the heart of the Paseo District, just across and a little down the street from Paseo Grill.  You can’t miss it because you’ll see an inviting, colorful and artistic outdoor patio.

What better than to kick back on a quaint patio, while munching on some good pizza and hanging out with some friends?  Doing it in the Paseo District, recently touted by the American Planning Association as one of the greatest neighborhoods in the country makes it even better.

Okay, who organized that vote?  I’d love to meet them and have them do PR for the blog.

But seriously, Paseo is one of the cooler places to visit when hitting OKC.

As quaint as this patio is in the daylight, it’s just as alluring at night, with it’s bowl-firepits lit with crackling fires, cozy patio warmers, and wrought-iron patio tables and chairs.

But let’s head inside, where you’ll have to first stop and take in the graffiti art done by local artist Marcus Muse.  Marcus doesn’t think like us…for when they threw out the thought of painting something a little like Lady and the Tramp’s romantic slurping of a spaghetti noodle….Marcus came up with this.

This painting greets you while you get in line to order.  And speaking of ordering, this place has been redone and the new counter holds sweet creations like slices of the Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Divine or Classic Carrot Cake made at Paseo Grill.

Or for those younger (or young at heart) palettes, how about Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies or Gigantuan Rice Krispy Treats?

You can also order pizza by the slice ($3.50) here from inside this rotating glass case.  Choose between pepperoni, sausage and cheese.

As you can see, they are generous slices!

Follow the painting around to a small dining area that used to be the only available seating at Sauced (indoors).

Never one to balk at details, Joe and Lesley have added the Annex, a room next door, accessed by walking outside and across the patio which offers much more seating (about 45 seats) and a really hip Bohemian ambiance inside.

Soon, this room will offer live local music to further enhance the ambiance while you eat.  See those arched windows painted on the walls? Those will be filled with a local artist’s display on each window.

So anyway, on to the food!  We placed our order at the counter.

Then we headed to the Annex and talked a bit with Joe and Lesley until our food arrived.

And while we waited, manager Elise Fischbein showed up to say hello.

Soon Chef John Patterson (Chef JP) arrived with some delicious food.

John did an internship after graduating from culinary school at Paseo Grill, and the restaurateur duo snapped him up to keep him around at Sauced. John is having a lot of fun playing around with recipes and setting up the menu with great offerings like these Italian Nachos.

Italian sausage, jalapenos, roma tomatoes and peperoncini smothered in cheesy Alfredo sauce are generously portioned over top some fried pasta chips.  This was super delicious.

I might mention at this point, that if you don’t feel like pizza, Sauced has an offering for you.  They also have lasagna, sandwiches and salads and will  adding to the menu as Chef JP keeps experimenting.  We tried the Meatball Sandwich and I truly loved the meatballs smothered in red sauce on a crusty bun and topped with mozerella and parmesan cheese.

But seriously, folks, it was time to stop playing around.  Because if you want to experience truly unique magnificence, you gotta go for this pizza.

This pizza is called The Suicide Pie and no it’s not because you will die trying to eat it.   The name is a nod to the old drink at the soda fountain where you put a little bit of everything in your cup.  Want a closer look?

There are eight different types of pizza built into The Suicide including the Buffalo Bleu cheese (my fav) and Blackened Chicken, Full Monty (all meat), Vegetable, and this pizza is very large.  My folks were in town and along with my camera gal Nancy, we had a tough time finishing this cuz it’s large my friends.

But we did, because it was so good.

Lesley then took us on a tour of their newly expanded kitchen.

We watched they guys in action as they hand tossed the pizza crust, rolled it in cornmeal and began to top it.

We saw Chef John play around with a calazone or stuffed-type pizza recipe that I thought looked pretty doggone good, but he still wanted to do some work on.

I think Joe and Lesley have a hit here… the Paseo District is widely known as a place to socialize in an artsy setting.  Folks also love to hang out on patios in this area.  And everyone loves good food and drink.

Sauced on Paseo has that all covered.  Make sure you try it!

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  • Nancy Jackson

    December 1, 2010 at 7:48 am

    Yum!!! What a fun night and great food!
  • Marcus muse

    December 18, 2010 at 12:29 am

    Sauces on paseo is taking the paseo district in the direction that oklahoma needs to go.!
  • Kacy

    January 6, 2011 at 10:33 am

    I can't wait to check them out! Doing so tonight in fact!
  • marcus muse

    April 18, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    im hungry now!!

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